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Starting Your One Woman Soul Centred Business: Essential Insights for 2024

I'm interested, are you creating your business from scratch? 

Have you pivoted? 

Have you changed? 

Have you transformed? 

Or are you really starting from a brand new place, a place which is exciting, where you have your heart filled with an idea of your world? 

Or are you reinvigorating what is already here? 

Are you kind of igniting the fire of what it is that you're bringing to the world? Whatever that is, from a healing perspective, an empowerment perspective, your spiritual gifts are here to shine through you and if you are starting something from scratch, whatever that idea is, I'm here today to share with you some insights that I have had along the way with my business, with what I'm doing in the world, that I know that have really assisted me as I live into my more expanded vision.You know, the detail is great. We need the detail. God is in the detail, God is in the mundane, the divine is in everything, the divine is in the vision, the great vision for our lives. 

And sometimes we can get so lost in that detail that we lose sight of the vision and then it scares us to move beyond the comfort zones that we so willingly create. And really that's a good place to be where the vision scares us. We can know that with a feeling of how am I ever going to achieve this dream? That we are actually on the right track. 

You're on track if it's petrifying you. 

Sometimes fear can be a big barrier. It can stop us from actually moving forwards, The logical brain is very, very good at doing its job, which is to keep us safe, to keep us in that place of comfort, the comfort zone. It does a good job of this and as an intrepid visionary change maker we your role is to overstep, it's almost like a tripwire, to bring yourself beyond what the subconscious will want to be telling you or even the unconscious will want to be emanating to keep you in that place of safety. 

Frustration occurs because we yearn to step into this immense soul mandate vision that is crystal clear in our minds and heart. We know that that is the sweet spot of what we're here to do. And the vision is sometimes so big, so huge, so bold that it rocks us to the core and we can get into that place of analysis paralysis, fight flight freeze fawn, , not knowing what step to take next.

In creating a business from scratch  three things jump out to me that are essential. 

I'm going to share them all with you now.




I want to talk in detail about each of these three aspects necessary to start again or to start anew or to enter into a new way with your business as a one-womanpreneur. Now, when I say one woman, I don't mean you don't have any help. No, no, no, no, that's not what I mean. 

I don't mean that you don't have connections with people that you are distributing the work that you need done to those people, so that you don't have it all just piling up as things to do everything.

Remember the foundation do less be more keep it simple and impact greatly, this is essential for a life of deep fulfilment and clarity. What I mean by one woman business is that you're doing enough for one person to cope with and the rest of it you delegate. You delegate to those that know exactly what to do because you don't want to do it because this is not your skill set or wheel house. Because your work is not to sit behind your computer doing all of those mundane tasks like changing logos and changing text in videos and you know that's not what you're here for. You're here to be the voice, to be the presence, to be the influence of your business, of your world, what you're bringing forward as your passion project into the world. 

Expansion is to remain centered and to open my heart and my mind to the most expansive vision that I know the Divine is seeing already in me. If you can give yourself time every day to actually do a Vision Quest exercise for yourself and to journal on that every day, you're going to image incredible messages, insights, out pourings over the space of a month. I usually, I invite people to be doing this for 30 days as a 30 day process, and it is amazing what happens along the journey of those 30 days because we can start to see a flow and a rhythm of themes that will be popping up with a five or 10 minute visioning quest process every single day and a recording of that. 

Now, over time, I've learned about the visioning process, the Michael Beckwith visioning process, and I've really done that process many, many, many times over the past few years, and I love it because when we tap into that Divine vision coming away from the narrowness of perception within the idea of who I am and opening up to that greater bird's eye view that the creative intelligence knows. By tapping into the flow of the more expanded vision in the stillness, through this visioning process, there is an opening of intelligence that makes itself known and once this happens the pieces collect to create a great unfolding for our lives. 

I was used to visioning maybe weekly or bimonthly and admittadly I was a bit lazy with it. I have my visioning book here and it's packed with all sorts of information that's come through. However, two years ago I began to use this practice daily and I surprised myself because the flow of inspiration and information that was coming through was so thick and fast that it allowed me to see these running themes, whether it was colors, images, words, just real directives for my life for what to do next, my next steps. This gave me foundation and a way forwards strategy. I realise that in the world of entrepreneurship and in spiritual terms strategy can mean two different things. Yes, there needs to be a loose, flexible strategy or knowing of what it is that we're putting in place as we go ahead. However, for me the strategy is the spiritual strategy, the foundation, because when I'm open and I'm listening and I'm readily available to that knowing, one that isn't a story that I'm making up, it's the truth that's coming through me, here I know that I have opened up to the next step.

Being open to being expanded by the Divine and living into that greater vision that scares you, firstly you know if that's happening you're in the right place,  and secondly if this is happening you are being called to step into the greatness and the magnificence of who you are and BE as a woman of power. You're being called to step up and to be fully activated right now for your life, as your life, and to bring your work, your beautiful work, forwards into the world. 

Somewhere there is a woman, many women, waiting for you to assist her and to guide her on her way. There is someone on her knees right now waiting for your wisdom and light. I was told this three years ago when I was sobbing and crying and homeless and I couldn't believe that somebody would say this to me as a truth. And I'm saying it to you. Because your vision is that great, which it is I know, otherwise you wouldn't be here now, then absolutely lean into it, burst into it, burst into that vision. 

Faith is next. Having the faith of a mustard seed. What does that mean? It is a biblical quote, and yet I find the ancient scriptures, all of them, are guidances for our lives right now, especially for prosperity and business. And reading this and knowing this, having the faith of a mustard seed, that tiny, tiny, spek of a seed that looks as if its not there, yet you know it is there.You might double take and ask  Isn't it there in my hand? Is it there? Isn't it there? 

The wind could just blow it. And yet that seed has faith. 

It knows itself to be a part of this one thing, the wholeness of life itself,  that we each are. It's tiny, it's a little dot in the hand. And yet when planted in soil with the right conditions, it grows so big, so huge, so enormous. It's incredible and yet here we are with this vision, intelligent, highly bright lights, radiating with this amazing vision, with the head and the heart and the hands ready to give into the world and then one no and we're knocked over and oh that's gonna take me four days to get over that one. 

Well no!  Get up because there's something happening as you that has faith of a mustard seed in you right now. There is an intelligence that knows itself as you and is wanting to know more of itself as you. So your work is to get up and be that faith for yourself and live into that vision no matter what is happening. No matter what you think the obstacles are, to remain in the knowing that all you need do is to be concerned about your state of being, not the circumstance. 

The circumstance is always going to be a messy outpicturing of random experience, this is the nature of life itself as an expression of the infinite. 

If it's not messy in one area, it's going to be slightly off in another area of our lives. And we're the ones that have to be that harmonising presence, so that we can learn to flow with ease as the Tao tells us. Everything is from within, we can do it from here, we don't have to be running around frantically trying, pushing, hustling and trying to make things happen. When we have  faith even of a mustard seed, we are centred and we are grounded, and we know that even though it may feel that it's going a little bit wonky, or there's pressure, money pressure, timeline pressure, all sorts of things that feel like they're pushing up against you, this is good. Because this is the pressure that we need to burst us through, just like when the chick is bursting through the egg shell, it has a pressure there, the same as the caterpillar metamorphosising into the butterfly, there's a pressure to get it out into life and it's extremely uncomfortable. So we be with the uncomfortable and have that faith of a mustard seed and we keep going with the vision in mind. Keep that vision there because the seed's already been planted and if uncertainty and doubt set in, this will outpicture through the energy of the desired manifestation.

Think about this. What matters to you? What matters for you right now? Feel into this and live as the faith of the mustard seed. It's having the faith of the Divine, not the faith in the Divine that matters. The faith of Source that is the creator of all of this including your business. This is a divine awakening for you and what you are providing in this life. 

100x your life expand that vision and expand the faith accordingly of what it is that you know is seeded in you. There's an infinite faith for you right now and you're being called to have that level of faith of yourself. It's not always comfortable, its growth and this is always necessary as a one woman croneprenueur.

The final  piece is action.

And what does that mean? It does not mean running around like an out of control person doing everything with the consciousness of fear. I mean taking inspired, intelligent, intentional action, doing what is needed to be done in the moment, whether that means meditating to become more aware of the connection when you may be moving around in the day because the mind wants to distract you. It may mean making calls, whether that means organising foundational pieces of your business whether it's new or expanding. It may mean doing what is called to be done to fulfil a certain piece of the flow of your business, even if this is boring or difficult. This is your vision, remember you are 100x in here. 

So your foundational structure is 

  • Embodying an expanded vision with spiritual strategy through expansion and visioning

  • Faith in your vision and in your self and the Divine 

  • and action with your offerings, your give into life as you harness your worldview and transfer it to others hearts through your content and programs.

These three are necessary as conscious components for the unfoldment of your one woman business. Action is always contemplated, mindful and intentional. Action needs to be in congruence with the vision. What you're thinking, feeling, what you are saying all the work you're doing, it's about being in alignment.Think in terms of inspired action that begins within and merges with your values, purpose, mission and vision. This is about getting grounded and centred first and then step by step voyaging the next step. This is what action is. It's not running around in your mind and repeating a story and saying yes to what doesn't feel good and by the end of the day feeling absolutely exhausted and not having meaning or fulfilment with what you are doing. You are the tuning fork for your life and business and these three aspects expansion, faith and action are your sacred power tools.

Use them.


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