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Do Less Be More Keep it Simple Impact Immensely: The Journey of One Woman Entrepreneur

OK so you have a dream, a great big juicy vision and you're all set to take the world by storm and change lives with immense impact.

You know that there is work to be done and you also feel the self imposed pressure to do it all ,and to do it all perfectly! With this comes comparison and FOMO, uncertainty and all those thoughts that can keep you spinning the procrastination wheel of doubt.

Then the phone rings... your pulled in all sorts of directions .... you get sidetracked into cleaning the oven.... a video pops up on social and 4 hours later you come back to your to do list feeling scattered not knowing what to do first, going round in circles achieving none of it.

Been there done that... and to some degree releasing the need to ever go there again.

I have intentionally taught myself to do less, be more, keep it simple and impact immensely.

Lets break this down

do less

Creating you One Woman business comes with the most outstanding opportunity to be the FOCUS, to get organised, to chunk down your tasks and to decide what is it that is truly important for each and every day. Overstretching your self with a thousand different things to do will lead to frantic burnout, I know, that was me in 2022.

In my experience this burning out allowed me the most precious opportunity to FORGIVE myself and others for the experience that I chose to participate in.

It was one day when I realised that most of what I was doing was not mine to do, that I gave myself permission to lovingly release myself from the story that I had to prove myself to me and others, in order to validate my worth.

in the midst of this epiphany release came a realisation that my vision, my BIG dream was being ignored, by me. I was willingly allowing myself to support so many others and distracting myself from the true vision that was seeded in my heart THE WOMEN OF POWER MOVEMENT.

And so I did a stocktake, I cleared the mental clutter, went into my heart and vowed to myself that I was only going to focus on my dreams, my desires and my goals and that my ship was set sail on the open seas in One Direction .... my Divine Assignment.

I made a new decision and commitment to myself to only participate in thousands of tiny acts over my life time that will feed, nurture, support and nourish my Divine Assignment.

This decision empowered me to let go of 80% of the tasks that I was willingly participating in, my schedule was cleared and had space.

This was scary!

be more

January 2023 I came down with flu, not covid, and I had more than enough time to reevaluate and to set the rigging for my new direction. Five weeks of aligning to a new compass direction and some difficult conversations along the way with myself and others.

note to self ... making a new choice can scare a lot of people!

I visioned, created new goals, a new story, a new way and I opened up in this seeming emptiness to a depth of listening that I have never gone to before. This listening as a daily spiritual practice gave me immense opportunity to breakthrough fear, doubt and uncertainty. As entrepreneurs we want the answer there and then, and this time gave me the gift of living from the unknown and to allow the soulutions to arise in organic and natural ways. This act of faith as my BEING MORE work, allowed me to know that I am held and it is safe to redirect and make a new bold intention for my life.

Allowing time and space for spiritual practice and alignment as a built in no debate time slot on my daily schedule is my treasure trove and sacred commitment. My work in the world is all about spirituality, entrepreneurship, women's empowerment and creative flow. Remembering the flow as me intentionally, is non negociable.

keep it simple

have you ever worked in an environment where the general atmosphere was built around super speedy productivity one where doing more is a measure for being more. In this aquarian age of speed air and technology we have much work to learn to be super efficient and deeply focused, not allowing the fear of speed and quick fix to run the subconscious show.

Slow living is a thing, and so is deep focus.

being more does not mean doing more, being more means doing less which in alignment with spiritual law, means achieving more.

Being more is showing UP for myself first and foremost, and my vision is myself.

Prioritising takes COURAGE, as in some ways others may feel let down, threatened or ignored. I remember that what others think of me is none of my business, and I live from this as I courageously craft my life in my way.

clearing the decks and opening up to new possibilities and learning ways to simplify, systemise and strategise for ease and grace... yes this is my way forwards. As more women come to me to know about the women of power movement, I am reminded that as I am so my world is. By asking myself a series of questions that keep me aligned with my expanded vision, I am continually supported as I learn more powerfully to live in my yes and stand by my NO.

Work on ONE thing, focus on the WHO, eliminate distractions, go deep not broad and serve where I am called to serve.

impact immensely

This is the natural outcome of the previous three graces. Self mastery of the above instantly shifts me into the energetic container for impacting immensely.

And who am I impacting immensely, well me, you and all of my experience of life, as there is ONE. Impacting imensley isn't a hard work and effort thing, its an out picturing of my state of being.

I know that I benefit from a disciplined approach to moment to moment living. I've tried the other way, all of me all over the place! It didn't serve me so well.


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