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Know your core values for your one woman business

You commit to doing the inner work, the spiritual work, the deeper work, the more expansive work for your life. Because you know that by ignoring this or on some level shelving or keeping it out there for another day, another week year or another lifetime, you are limiting the immense possibilities of potential for your life and keeping yourself in a holding pattern of same old same old, blocking the flow of abundance and resisting possibilities for blooming your soul centred business.


There are those who are seeking you right now, there is someone on their knees praying for you to come into their life to help them, guide them, to show them to serve them in the way that you do best.


Three years ago living in a homeless shelter I was told by a earth angel

Laura there is a woman on her knees waiting for you right now.


I couldn't believe this, because of the space, mindset, heart set and life set that I was in at that time. And then I woke UP and I realised that I had been on such an adventure and I had invested so much time, money, consciousness, effort, and willingness to do the work, I just couldn't see it for myself at that time. 


I couldn't see that my work could be valuable for others.


And yet when the idea really sank into my heart and opened my mind up to that possibility I realised that I had been absolutely ignoring what was staring me in the face that I am a teacher, a guide, a spiritual leader, a student, somebody that has been in and out of experiences and all sorts of stuff. 


And so I say this here to you now...

..... there is a woman/ client on her knees waiting for you to guide and assist her right now. How are you showing up for yourself and for her? 

So where do we begin?

Well we begin within, and always with the direct intention to reveal more of who we are and be. This begins with self education, reading, meditation, being in silence, contemplative connection and be willing to unlearn and to learn and above all teachable. We start with the journey of doing the work and it is so necessary because as we do the work we see ourselves differently and this draws into our world people who align with us where we are, who want to work with us and co create magical projects. 


I realised at that time that I had much work to do, and I set myself the huge intention of changing my life circumstance and unlearning many beliefs that just were no longer serving me. This was a task that I was willing to take on and i became fully consumed with transforming my life, and I did. 


Taking personal responsibility for clearing what comes through daily, to actually sit with it, to go within and to work through it, this is not easy and yet this is necessary for quantum leap transformation. Sometimes it can be done very quickly. Sometimes it needs a longer period of time. And yes when things coming up and surface it is our personal responsibility to do the work. This is what being a conscious leadHer, teacher and a guide is all about. 


How can we teach without knowing what we're teaching?


When we teach from that place of having done the work, having gone through the understandings of what's happening from a spiritual, mental, physical, emotional perspective, we can show up more fully and say yes, we can assist by sharing the personal systems that we have created and that work through intentional trial and error, because we have been there.


This is when our clients come through clearly because they then feel that frequency and they trust. They will trust you as their guide, teacher way shower and visual visionary for their lives.


I was recently in dee conversation with a woman at a networking group who said that she was going through this life experience where at Christmas time 2022 she'd been made redundant and that was not good for her mental health. And then she found another job and was there for a few months and then made redundant again. I asked what do you think this means? Well she said you know I'm contemplating doing something completely for myself, it's time to totally enjoy this life now.


Life is constantly showing us ways to spread our wings to fly and to absolutely bring to the world what is seeded in our hearts, that God given gift. You may be a teacher, a healer, an artist, a creative, a minister, practitioner, an uplifter, coach, guide, mentor and you know that your soul centred passion business is absolutely your heart's calling. It's soul centred, heart led, mission based and it is an empowered expression of who you are, and you are bringing it forwards not just because it's something to do, it's because it is yours to do.


And so your job is to show up fully, to do all the work that you think might be inconvenient in the moment. 


This might look like 

three weeks of deep dive forgiveness work 

or a deep dive gratitude practice, 

or an open and hard conversation with another

If it's on your path it's yours to do. If you ignore it, you're ignoring that part of you that is prompting you to grow and to expand into that new idea of you, and it will keep prompting you until it gets recognition! 



Know your core values for your life and 

one woman business.


Let's look at this more deeply. 


Are you clear on your values as a guide for your life? 


If you're not clear on your values how can those that are in your life be clearly aligned or resonate with you. Your values are your twinkling stars of light that you live by. And as you live by them and you express them vibrationally and in frequency you will bring towards you those that absolutely resonate with your values. Your star light magnetises theirs and you will bring towards you those that align with your values. They will be shared values.


Your values are your big glimmers of light, they're huge star lights and they spark off a radiant spark. When I intentionally chose freedom as my top value I realigned so much for my life and business, I had to because so much of my thinking was wrapped up in a sense of not feeling free. 


Freedom as my top value has gifted me the great opportunity to reassess many things in 2023 and to recalibrate so many areas of life that were not resonating at the highest vibrational frequency.


Our top values call at our heartstrings.


What's your top value? 

Are your core values top of mind? 

Do you know them?

Do you live from them momentarily?


If not, get clear on them. 


It's so important because they are your vibrational frequency messengers that are going to shine out and if you don't know what they are you're going to find yourself involved in situations, relationships, conversations and more even those projects that you are not fully blown aligned with. This is a set up for under the surface resentment. You will then be wondering why everything is the way it is, and this is when we are out of the blue hit by the spiritual 2 by 4 and life falls apart, because of not living into and honouring our soul centred values.


Your clients, family, community need you to be sure of your boundaries, secure in the knowing of who you are, because you are the example to them, how you're showing up for yourself is how others show up for you. This is why I'm here now sharing this now.


On the precipice of 2023/2024 your mission, your vision, your purpose statements, they need to be clearly embodied by you that you know and accept who you are, what you're doing and why you're doing it.


You are a midlife women and women of power are on the verge of new beginnings. Whatever that new beginning may be. And you're here because you know your life is changing and transforming into something beautiful, and there is pain in the letting go. With the discomfort comes a golden gateway opening for new beginnings, its a sweek and sour thing!


This transformation that looks like menopause and midlife and family structure shifting, teen children growing and parents aging while technology goes on a free for all! There is a great deal to take on board.


So get to know, like and love who you are.


Here are some power questions ...


What your values your purpose, your mission, and your vision for your business and your life?


Are you living still in the old story or are you living from the new?

Have you written out your new story?


You know there's transformation going on and yet transforming as what have you written it out?


Are you clear with how it is what it is?


How you want to be what it is you desire for your life?


Do you have it written as a commitment for yourself that you're reading every day and aligning with? so that every step that you're taking during the day is aligned with this story, this new idea for your life, and this becomes your guiding light north star.

Your story is your vibrational message and the basis of why you're doing what you're doing for your life, and how you show up in your marketing as well.


This is how I work with women to use the story in the most powerful of ways for your message and your marketing as as you bring your work forwards into the world. So people resonate with the experiences that you've been through and the new that you are absolutely moving into.


If you're not clear on your new vision how can those that you seek to work with be clear on that for themselves?


Because we are ONE infinite expression and we are each Divine sparks of the ONE and so you will pull and draw towards you those that resonate with your whole state of consciousness and awareness.


The clearer you are the clearer your client will be, the clearer the opportunities for creative expression and expansion.


I'm going to move to the final [for now] point here. 


We've voyaged values, mission, purpose, vision, your story and the last final frontier is to 100x your consciousness, energy, frequency and vibration in each and every moment.  


Lifting and uplifting yourself in ways that you would never ever have imagined previously.


Living into the new story the new you the new paradigm transformation.


Acting as if here and now.


We can work with the spiritual law, the creative law.


The Divinely created law that works in frequency it works vibrationally in alignment with our mental atmosphere and mental equivelant. If your mental atmosphere/set point is at a lower frequency or less expanded frequency, then the creative law will respond in reference to that frequency in experiences The law, is always in a mode of acceptance and it's impersonal and by the way, it really doesn't care, it has no personal opinion about what we desire for our life. 


If you're looking to be that speaker, teacher, author, leadher, to meet people to connect and communicate with others who are aligned and experience opportunities and possibilities for growth and expansion then it is vital to practice the frequency and not to doubt yourself. Really see that light expanded from your heart from your throat, from your womb, from the mind. See it absolutely expanded out and rippling out like a magical wave that ripples out and returns back multiplied.  Like a  labyrinth walk, you know as we walk around the labyrinth and meander we realise that we are always there on the adventure and how we are in the moment is so imperative. 


So expand in the way that you never have before in your mind in your heart as love six because that love that light of love is being felt right now. You may not be able to see it and there are individuals that are seeking you through that beam, laser beam of light and love that you're expanding from your heart. And this is the Divine expanding through you as one beautiful expression and flow. You can 100X and this is what will return multiplied and you can do it from your heart.


This doesn't mean 100X with all of the output of daily workload. I'm not talking about giving yourself another huge heap of work. This is about frequency, consciousness, mind and heart. Expanding the frequency of  love, peace, abundance, be the abundance first. 


Before you call it in be it and expect it because it is already here. You are not making it happen, you're tuning into the frequency and you are opening up so that you see life in different ways, with a new lense and opening up to a different perspective.


What will your life look like 100 days from now?

Make that commitment for yourself, a covenant with yourself. Write it out.


What would your life look like if your whole way of being was love?

With yourself, in conversation, relationships, with money, with your business, with those that are seeking new clients with opportunities? You may realise that once you make this commitment that the most incredible opportunities are going to seek you out your vibration will speak so loudly so clearly it will amaze you with the demonstrations that it provides, as if by magic!


big blessings 



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