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Simplify and Succeed: The Power of Doing Less in Your One Woman Business

Do less: watch your one woman business boom.


You are already a success.


If you haven't heard this recently I am here to remind you.



You are already a success.



Sometimes you may not feel this way however your body, your DNA and your spiritSOUL essence knows this.



Regardless of what you think you have or haven't achieved, completed or done.



You are a success in ALL ways.



We are born knowing this as our DIVINE knowing and we come into this 3D plane experience knowing our perfection. What happens as we voyage and grow with this amazing thing called life, we get pulled into the matrix of others definitions and ideas of how they see us. We become immersed in a programming of lack and limitation that is set to keep us small and believing that we need to be something/one else to be accepted and loved. 


I remember reading this for the first time many years ago and I am sure that you have heard this a gazillion times.. because it true..



“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”


Marianne Williamson

During our lifetimes we hear different things from different people that over time can dissolve the great knowing of who we are. We somehow willingly enter the hypnotic state of this planet and to the degree that we choose, we become immersed under the spell of the story created in mass consciousness, one that is driven by fear, material success evaluation, not being good enough and believing that there isn't enough.

These thought and ideaology systems imprint us as a world view that we can become so used to that we take them forgranted as second nature and some kind of truth. As we grow we develop and create physiological and emotional ways and coping mechanisms that support these stories and the programming, so that we comfortably fit in with life and feed others and our craving to be accepted and loved by others.



We each create our own value systems, belief systems, concepts and ideas. And we live into those paradigms or into that one paradigm, a worldview that we believe is the way life works and there happens to be this overarching belief in mass consciousness, the collective consciousness, that we have to do something extra to be a success, that we have to prove ourselves, that we have to conform, that we must not stand out or do it differently or do it in our authentic way to be accepted and loved.




How does this impact our lives and soul lead mission?


The Patriarchal model of success of a system where the masculine is in authority over the feminine in all aspects of society is slowly crumbling and with this is the definition of success.



This can effect life and work in many ways. With the beliefs that going along with everyone else and that we have to show and prove that we are similar to other people, creativity and sponteneity become stifeled and squashed.



This year I had two health breakdown experiences, 8 week burnout in January/February and a 7 week chest infection in June. Each of these were my teachers as both times I was forced to lye down and STOP.



The first taught me this-

Laura do less be more keep it simple impact greatly



The second taught me this-

Laura what are you really great at and what makes your heart sing? Go do it and forget about doing anything other than this.




DIVINE CEO magazine was birthed




Both times I was forced to reevaluate the way that I was living and the day to day on a wheel habits that I had agreed to subconsciously and stopped questioning in my heart.



I was clocking in and out daily with my One woman businsss and with my life! with no enjoyment and certainly no fulfilment!



Running mantra included ...


I have to do this to be successful and if I don't do it then Im not the success that I should be and I wont get it right and I will broke forever and never have any enjoyment of fulfilment and if I work harder, prove myself to others and say yes to anything thats asked of me then they will like me and everything will be perfect and I will be happy ever after!



Well that didn't work! I was on a spiral for those burnout bouts and thank goodness I was gifted the opportunities to reevaluate me, my soul calling and the unsupportive story I had willingly self suggested for years.



So when I'm talking about success I know that in the Mind of the Divine the idea of all of life is perfection, wholeness and completeness. You are successful right here and now being here as this individual point of consciousness an individualization of the whole, no thing is separate, this whole infinite is a success.



To the degree that we believe this is the degree that we experience this out pictured as our lived experience. And it's a totally beautiful journey and we are all on it living through the lens that we have, each with different perspective.



So there is a more expanded frequency of love and of joy and bliss and the Divine is all of this, there's nothing outside of it. When we choose to live from that higher place we draw these higher frequency experiences to us and catch the greatest view, the greatest vista we see the infinite horizon and we opened up to the infinite sea of potential of all possibilities that are here and we are willing to accept for life.


Your Soul Lead Business

You know that you are born to lead, you are here to lead, you are here to shine, you are here to transform to open up to bring your passion business, your movement, your divine assignment forward right now because you know that you're on a voyage that is purpose driven, to serve others in whichever way that takes shape or form. Whatever this looks like you are here to be that beacon of light for others.

For this to happen you are being called to step into the idea of leadhership. This is the task of creating a one woman business which doesn't mean that we are automatically and instantly leading that business or being the leader that we are called to be. There is learning and transformatiuon that has to occur... and this learning springboards from the knowing that you are already a success

  • leadhership takes training in our minds, our hearts, our understandings

  • it takes a willingness to learn, study, expand

  • to uplevel skill sets

  • to embrace daily regular spiritual practices

  • to embrace midfulness routines

  • unlearn, choose again, relearn

  • delete distraction

  • to watch educational inspirational video content

  • consistency compounds

  • curiously question everything

  • to track delete and renew habits

  • to read educational inspirational books and content

  • set clear boundaries

  • firmly put self care and self love practice in place

  • to evolve and unravel the potential that's already here

  • and it takes a willingness to be aware of that moment by moment, attitude that we have in life

Success is a given and you are always expanding your idea of what success means by polishing the lens flicking the dust off of the idea of not good enough and dissolving the beliefs that come through that we cling on to, believing that this is who we are.

It takes devoted commitment for me to get up in the morning at four o'clock, it's amazing TO consciously CHOSE TO be awake at that time and to tuning in to writing and reading and meditation and prayer and to study from early before the sun rises.

Let's just stick with this for a moment and explore three of the ideas above

  • consistency compounds

  • delete distraction

  • clear boundry setting

Consistency Compounds

John Maxwell teaches this I watched a video of him recently and he shared that he cannot believe how the tasks that he does now he has done for years, just out of his own daily habit and schedule. These tasks are compounded to an immense degree over time, where he can not have imagined when he began how these tasks, writing for example, would years later open doors of oportunity for him with the compounding effect. Projects, opportunities, conversations all leading to increased possibilities for his business because of the system of consistency that he has created with everything that he wants to achieve.

When you zoom out to see the expoanded Divine vision for your life and business [Imentioned this in my previous piece Starting Your One Woman Soul Centred Business] and you chunk this down and take micro steps every day, over the period of twelve months these steps compound.

My choice to create DIVINE CEO as a monthly magazine and to share my teachings as video and blogs, this consistency has a compounding effect, and this ripples as a magic wave into the infinite, beyond what I can ever imagine.

When you catch that expanded vision for your life and soul lead business you can in your minds eye see the bigger picture, see the vision, know the vision and then come back to where you are sitting here in this moment and agree within to taking the inner and outer worldly steps and commit to them with daily consistency.

Three Questions

  • What are you chosing not to commit to?

  • How can you change up your daily routine to open to commiting to consistency in task that will move you in the right direction?

  • Are you using empowered spiritual practices daily as your grounding foundation for your life and soul lead business?



It takes momentary self awareness and mental training to stay focused on task and committed to results. Your job is to catch yourself in the moment to hold the high vision and make that the north star of the day, every single day. This takes clarity, dedication and another level of Knowing thyself as it can be so easy to get sidetracked with a phone call with an email or cleaning the oven rather than writing a blog! Been there done that!




It can be tempting to think that it doesn't matter because I'm on my own here, no one can see me and I'll just go off into random ideas that do not support the intention of the vision. However I am here as your not so gentle, firm and loving reminder to know that what truly matters is what is done in secrecy, behind the scenes in the privacy of your own world, where no one has privy to view and where you make conscious and unconscious agreements with yourself to do the thing you say you will do, or not! There is no getting away from the Higher Self is ALWAYS hanging out with you as you and knowing you. By distracting yourself you are keeping yourself in a holding pattern of not reaching those whom you desire to reach and teach.



Does oven cleaning move you forward in the right direction?

Stop sidetracking with distraction, come back, stay in your lane, stay there, remain there and become aware of what is necessary to engage in over and over on a daily basis. If you do go off onto meanders be aware that this where you are and instantly come back. Leave the distractions for later, leave it be for the time you have allocated for this kind of thing.




For many years I was far from organised, not running on a schedule, on my schedule. I was actually running on others schedule in my own business, not prepared to completely own my thing, to organise my life and fully cherish my moment by moment experience. I distracted my self by people pleasing, it became my way of being, it felt comfortable, and it allowed me to not do what was necessary come out of hiding!




Waking up to this has taken many years and this year 2023 becoming unwell allowed for a deep reckoning with my soul as I owned my stuff and draw the line in the sand, literally, allowing me to realise many many things and chose again.




My work life style became my distraction from my higher vision. In the past twelve months I have yielded and surrendered to changing many things, experimenting with time [next writing on this], doing less and being more, being hyper focused and most impact fully saying NO to others, distraction and shiny objects.




How about you? are you compromising on your dreams by continually distracting yourself from your true soul mandate vision?




As boring as it may seem using your schedule to create your day/ week/ month is a grand gesture of self love. I see it as the Divine feminine way of harmonising with the Divine masculine as a structure for life and business. I realise that in the culture of doing and having more there is a pressure and tendency toward filling that calendar with tasks, jobs and projects.




What could it look and feel like to leave space and to open up to not filling it and creating a work week around 4 hours a day and having ample time to ponder, vision, enjoy the sweetness of life. How could it be to factor in, as they say in Eat Pray Love “Dolce far Niente


'the sweetness of Doing Nothing'?




This instantly dissolves the need for distraction and turbocharges the desire and yearning to full capacity focus and consistently complete the necessary tasks.



Because every step matters every single step you're taking towards a particular intention that you're creating matters, and this includes the intention behind your intention. Distraction is guised as an energetic procrastinator, the deeper healing and reveling opportunity lies beneath the oven cleaning, it sits in your belief system and your belief in your self as an already mega success siren.



Clear boundary setting


This is holding a success frequency when you say yes potential of all possibilities opens up, this is consciousness, energy unfolding as potential of infinite possibilities and you can tap into that in every moment.



So as you keep saying yes, and your heart is involved and love and passion are involved and your mind is persistently involved you will be shown the results. Sometimes it's it the result of feeling I've achieved spectacular demonstration at the end of the day and other times it may be a result of someone contacting you and inviting you to collaborate saying I feel you know I'm magnetically drawn to you and what you're doing and I love to be a part of your well being offering can we work together can we collaborate in some way? This is what John Maxwell was talking about with the compounding effects of consistency that have shown up in his experience years later.

Allowing your vision to unfold


Louise Hay quotes that when you plant a tomato, plant a seed you're not going to go back three days later and dig it up to check that the seed is actually taking in the ground. We don't look back and dig seeds up to check if they are growing perfectly. The seed doesn't question itself, it needs to be in good soil conditions, and it will grow and it will be made manifest into form in the likeness of what has been planted. So if you are set on the vision and disrupting its manifestation by continuously feeling doubt and fear rather than trust, faith and belief you will be operating at a lower vibrational frequency and slowing down the full demonstration of a grown tomato plant.




It's trust and belief and faith that is what you are seeding into the universal law. What you're seeing is being acted upon is being made manifest into form. So it takes that absolute increase in faith. It may take time just as when a bamboo is first planted. Five years it takes to shoot its roots down underground unseen above ground. Five years of rooting and then it shoots up above ground and it can not be stopped, it is strong and mighty and spreads itself immensely. The roots that are absolutely in place are tough, it is so entrenched for five years down there. You wouldn't even know what's happening because there's no sign of it above the soil. And then suddenly five years later, the whole thing is everywhere.


This is the same for our businesses for your soul led business, your passion based business and the movement you're bringing forward. The movement is going to take time to be conceived and to unfold within and it's unfolding you as it is unfolding itself. It's revealing more of you and who you are, so that you become the right condition for it to sustain when it grows. There must be a foundation that is so solid that it cannot be uprooted. Nature is such an incredible mirror for our lives. So be the bamboo. Allow the vision to unfold without going back and digging it up and questioning it and wondering why when or how, this takes focus and deep faith. This takes an absolute knowing and determination that what is in your mind the heart is the Divine work coming through you, using you as a vessel and a vehicle to implement that work through your head your heart, your hands.



And it takes faith the faith of a mustard seed which is tiny, again another example, and that seed then turns into the most enormous of trees we can mimic nature because nature is life showing us as human beings, how we can actually live prosperously and abundantly in this world and multiply what it is that we are using that we're bringing forward.




The final piece for now is self taught mindful self awareness. Be aware of what you're saying to yourself in the day because this is a subconscious playing on a loop. For a long time I thought self talk wasn't connected to my subconscious like it was my conscious mind repeating and actually it's an outlet of the subconscious self talking. Notice what that self talk is as you are going about your everyday activities and what it is you're doing, how you feel about what you're doing.



What you are saying to yourself is the atmosphere that you are generating and radiating into your world. You must become hyper aware and conscious of what you are saying, what you are feeling, about yourself about what you are doing day to day and consciously and intentionally lift and expand into the frequency of success.




This is the level of micro self mastery that you must expect of yourself as a leader and visionary, you have a BIG DREAM vision and you must prepare yourself for this AND EXPECT MIRACLES NOW for the demonstrations that you desire. There is only now and with willingness, determination, self love and faith you have the transformational mix for beginning, transforming, activating your one woman soul centred business / passion project.


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