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The Women Of Power Movement



Rise and shine self awareness transformation and personal

leadership empowerment

for women globally.


Women of Power Circles


Become a Circle Facilitator

At Women of Power Circles, we are passionate about bringing together a community of women to support and empower each other. As a Women of Power Circle facilitator, you have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the lives of other women. Our program provides training and resources to help you create a safe and supportive space for women to gather and grow together. Being a facilitator allows you to develop your leadership skills, while also making a difference in the lives of others. Join us today to become a Women of Power Circle facilitator.

Get Involved

At Women of Power Circles, we believe that women have the power to change the world when they support each other. Our circles are designed to provide emotional support, resources, and opportunities for women to connect and network. Your donation to Women of Power Support goes directly toward funding our programs and helping to cover operating costs. Through your generosity, we can continue to advocate for and empower women globally.

Host a Women of Power Circle in Your Community

Begin a Dream Big Book Club

At Women of Power Circles, we believe that women can achieve anything they set their minds to. Our community is built on the foundation of empowerment and support for one another. We welcome women from all races, religions, and backgrounds, as we strive to cultivate a diverse and inclusive environment. Our highly respected Women of Power circles are a space where women from different walks of life can connect, share their stories, experiences, and advice. It's a place where women can grow, thrive, and build each other up.

At Women of Power Circles, we believe that women are the backbone of society and that by empowering each other, we can create a better world. Our community brings together women from diverse backgrounds and professions who all share the same goal: to support and uplift each other in their personal and professional lives. Our Dream Big Book Club is a great way to connect with other members who are passionate about expanding their knowledge and learning from thought-provoking books.

women of power


THE WOMEN OF POWER Movement continues to educate and transform women's lives.

July 2023 - the second Women of Power circle begins online in Nairobi and Western Kenya facilitated by Laura and Christine Khamasi.

June 2023 - supporting Leah with her new home.

January 2023 - weekly online Women of Power Circles facilitated by Laura, Christine Khamasi and Wilkister Orenge.


February 2023 - Wilkister Orange and Christine Khamasi personally visited the Women of Power for one day. Teaching and sharing in circle. Inspiring the women to embrace self care, self love, empowered esteem and prosperity consciousness. 

February 2023  SECOND Women of Power Movement Gifting - Wilkister visited the Women of Power Movement group in person to give supplies donated through their enterprises.

July 2022 - Laura was inspired to create and facilitate a group of women on a weekly zoom call. The intention being to support women around the world with empowerment tools and spiritual practice. This opened the way for the Women of Power Movement worldwide.


October 2022 - Laura was invited to work directly, online, with a community of women in Kenya, sharing and teaching the Women of Power program to a small group of women, sharing as the first Women of Power Circle.

November 2022 - Laura invited Christine Khamasi to join as teacher and guide, supporting the weekly circle calls with her on the ground cultural knowledge, wisdom and direct intention to uplift women in Africa


December 2022 - Laura invited Christine as Lead Coordinator for Women of Power in Africa. 

December 2022 - Wilkister Orenge joined in as the community well being communication lead for this first Women of Power Circle group.  

December 2022 - The FIRST Women of Power She Moves Gifting - Wilkister visited the Women of Power Movement group in person to give supplies donated through the Women of Power movement.


June 2022 - Women of Power new beginnings 

In June 2022 Christine called me to share the amazing news that Leah had an outside bathroom built near her house. The bathroom had no door, and this struck a cord in my heart. I had just moved from a homeless shelter and I had $10 that I was set to donate that week and I knew that even though this felt a lot to me at that time, I knew that I had more than Leah financially in that moment. 


Realising the power of Oneness with an open heart full of love and Women of Power magic I reached out to my friends on social media and together we fundraised the $35 and more o have the door made and fitted for her dignity and new bathroom. 

One year later May 2023, Leah is broken hearted, the door taken and missing and her mental state shattered...Christine and her friends are swooping in to help and assist Leah with the medical assistance that she needs right now, and with continued love support, spiritual knowing and financial offerings Women of Power are devoted to supporting Leah to self sustainable vitality, wellbeing and prosperity for herself and her family.



The Women Of Power



is the instrument of

change and

sacred solution for the transformation

of women's inner potential,

prosperity and personal power awareness globally. 







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