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Dr. Laura's inspirational message and OND BILLION WOMEN mission weaves together ancient wisdom, quantum physics and omnipreneurship to activate a paradigm shift leadHers to create their one woman enterprise. Laura's message is grounded in her mission to activate a paradigm shift for ONE Billion women activates women to open themselves up to receiving and radiating their lives, living boldly and creating their one woman legacy enterprises, all while ...
doing less ... being more... keeping it simple ... impacting greatly

Dr. Laura Topper is an amazing speaker and we are grateful to have connected with her.

She shares her heart and faith with love and wisdom as a speaker for our spiritual community. 

Laura opens herself to the TRUTH and beautifully communicates through SPIRIT as she weaves the lessons she has learned with inspiration that touches all. She is a singer/songwriter as well and shares her beautiful voice and music accompanied on the kora by her husband Jason Salmon, to the delight of the audience.

Laura is a powerful speaker who moves listeners through her music, message and mystique.

We look forward to hearing her speak again & again & again!

​                                                                               Cindy Baker    The Center for Conscious Living

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More about me....


Rev. Dr. Laura Topper is the founder of Divine CEO magazine and the Women of Power Movement. Laura's soul mission is to guide midlife women to thrive as leadHers of their lives, creating the soul aligned, legacy business of their dreams opening themselves to receiving Divine Wealth, vitality and deep inner peace.

Laura's supercosmic awakening paradigm-shifting spontaneous rebirth experience in the heart of the Labyrinth in 2012 set her on a mission to know the Truth about the Divine.

Based in the UK, Laura reaches women globally online and in person inspiring midlife women to access from within the power that creates universes to harness and clarify their BIG Dream, open the gateways within, use the power of listening for their one woman, soul centred business.  

Home less and penniless in 2020, in the midst of spiritual leadership Ministerial program Laura knew that the only way out was IN. Putting Laura regularly speaks in person and for online communities and events on topics relevant to consciousness, midlife leadership empowerment, living the dream and systemising doing less being more keeping it simple impacting immensely, as a core internal value and new paradigm shift. 

Do Less -  Be More - Keep IT Simple - Impact Greatly

  • Rev. Dr. Laura Topper

  • Continued second Doctorate education in Transcendence studies, with Emerson Institute 2023 - ongoing

  • Independent Ordained New Thought Minister

  • Doctor of Consciousness

  • Spiritual Wayshower

  • Labyrinth Facilitator

  • MSc in Midlife Women's Exercise/ Health Behavior - dist/menopause

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