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Spiritual Teacher, Thought Leader, Visionary Guide,

Projector 6/2, Lifelong Learner, Founder of DIVINE CEO.

I guide passion and purpose driven women to create, birth, and build their legacy movements.


DIVINE CEO is a beacon of light and empowerment for midlife women seeking  to usher in a new paradigm for their lives using higher thought wisdom. DIVINE CEO  is a space for women be empowered to realise their genius as Divine beings, to courageously affirm their power and confidently embrace transformation for their lives. 

I'm here to remind you that you have the power to reinvent your life. 

I am humbled to be your guide on your voyage of personal discovery and soul empowerment.



Rev. Dr. Laura assists spiritual teachers, thought leaders, speakers and entrepreneurs to unify the Divine feminine and masculine and shine light through their work in the world. Laura is a connector and award winner for global community connection.

Laura is the visionary way shower creator, editor and publishing CEO of DIVINE CEO magazine and publishing, and founder of the Women of Power movement.


Laura guides women globally to creating their legacy movements using the power of the Divine Feminine through practical spirituality with the art and science of Doing Less, Being More, Keeping It Simple and Impacting Immensely for prosperous, joy filled everyday living.


Laura speaks for communities, organisations and businesses on practical spirituality for divine feminine conscious leadership and introduces the creative power of the Labyrinth through walking and art. 


Empowering women to supporting themselves and each other, enabling them to create self sustainable wealth for their lives, families and communities - using spiritual practice, mindfulness and emotional self mastery.



To support women with personal and spiritual empowerment education, for individual and collective unfolding of freedom, wholeness, peace, vitality, wellbeing and prosperity.

Midlife women everywhere embodying their Divine worth and spiritual magnificence

and living from this power to create empowered business's and movements for their lives.

speaking enquiries

Rev. Dr. Laura holds a Doctorate in Consciousness Studies [Emerson Institute US], is an independent New Thought Minister with Emerson Institute US, a Labyrinth walk facilitator and has Masters dist. in Exercise and Health Behaviour and menopause choices.

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