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From homeless people pleaser 
Divine Fem  Spiritual Leader

The path I have taken as a spiritual teacher and leader has not been an easy one. In 2019 in the midst of ministry education I found myself without a home, with only eight bags of possessions and nowhere to turn. With determination to transform my life as a high achieving empath through this experience my desire to assist others with releasing guilt, shame and not enough on their journey of personal empowerment was awakened and ignited.

I have adventured the past 30 years on a journey of spiritual personal discovery, been reborn in the heart of the Labyrinth and on a quest to know the Divine as me for as long as I can remember!

Today I am a Spiritual teacher, leader and award winning connector creating community where women can come together to heal, empower and remember who they are as super prosperous beings. 

The Moment I Knew I Had to Change..

For as long as I can remember I have constantly put others needs before mine. People pleasing, going out of my way to make sure everyone else was happy at the expense of my own happiness. It was as if it was embedded in my DNA to put others first and neglect my own needs. At that time I had no idea that I was a high achieving empath, now I can see that my drive to please outweighed my desire to succeed.


But then one day age 58 living back home with my daughter and my parents in the midst of a turmioltuous experience with those I loved, I knew that saying no was the key to overcoming myself and transforming my life.

I walked away from those I loved with nowhere to go, eight bags of stuff and a heartful of readiness to forgive, heal and reveal the life that I had always dreamed of and yet never allowed.


By putting myself first and prioritizing my own needs, I was able to break free from the cycle of people pleasing that ruled my mind, heart and actions to step by step begin living my life on my own terms.

Transformation in a Ford Focus Passenger Seat !

My journey began that night in October 2019, sitting in a Ford Focus, with nothing but eight bags of my life possessions in the back seat, homeless and broke I had no idea where to go or what my next steps were. I realised in the car in that moment that the culmination of choices made were out picturing as my lived experience - and I didn't like what I was seeing! I also realised that there was only one person who could change things - there was a common denominator- ME!

The first place I began was within and this was the most empowering of decisions.

Despite this, I listened deeply and I was guided all the way.

Determined to complete my mission of completing my ministry I was not going to be defined by this experience and I was compelled to draw forth every ounce of resourcefulness and resilience that my soul knew of and to put it to the test.  This is where everything began. Although it was a very difficult journey emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, it was precisely this struggle that allowed me to lean into my inner light power and confidence and to make transformations for my life BEGINING WITHIN. 

I realised there and then that as a High Achieving Empath I used the deeply engrained habitual belief system of people pleasing, placing my needs last and putting others before me as a reason not to experience the success results that I desired for life and business. Mothering was an art that I used for everyone other than Myself!

My Self  My Daughter  My Mother My Sister

I know first hand how difficult it can be to walk away from an unhealthy relationship. As a High Achiever Empath I also know how empowering it can be to make that choice to fully believe in yourself. 

Facing my self and choices that I made I took responsibility to see and know the Divine Matriarch lineage as my great teacher rather than as an excuse to blame and shame others and myself. 


I realized there and then that I had a soul mandate to fulfill to heal and transcend the woundings within that out pictured as people pleasing, not enough frequency and living an unfulfilled life. My assignment was clear, to realign myself firstly as my relationship with myself, my daughter, mother and sister - and then to honour my Soul Assignment, assisting other women to claim their voice, embody empowerment and live their BIG WILD JUICY DREAM life.



Full Blown Divine Feminine 

It is no surprise to me that healing the Divine Feminine woke me up this spiritual

2 by 4 at this time. My life has been a tapestry of working alongside women. My roots of service on the shop floor in women's retail, to then in my thirties providing personal fitness to women during menopause, life coaching women and singing and speaking at numerous women's events and festivals. women's empowerment has guided me in my studies over the years and the role of the Matriarch in a paternal society has set me on a quest to research the feminine through the eyes of spirituality has opened  me to learning, growing and realising the inate power that women are and that we are at choice to use this creative power, compassionately and courageously  always through our intention and vision. 

Experiencing a full blown direct experience with God in the heart of the Labyrinth in 2012 was not something that I anticipated of even wanted! however it happened and it propelled me into an obsessed line of research to understand and know my relationship with the Divine. The labyrinth reminds us that with each turn we meander, there is another perspective of life that we get to see. Mine at that time was to see and know the power that I Am. I had a voice and I was going to use it and this came through as Song. I wrote and sung and shared my songs for ten years to audiences, mostly women, who connected with my message of  light and love. I began to BE letting go of DOING, and realised profoundly that with increased awareness of my Divine light I increased awareness of my soul assignment. 

Reinvented My Wheel & Mastered Self Doubt

I know first hand how difficult it can be to walk away from unhealthy relationships and experiences. I also know how empowering it can be to make that choice and believe in yourself and to create healthy boundaries.

In that moment in the car I turned another meander of the Labyrinth in my heart. I refused to allow fear, judgement, not enoughness, people pleasing and doubt to run the show ever again and I stepped into my Divine assignment and Soul mandate. To heal - empower and serve as the teacher and leader that I know I Am. 

This was my PROMISE to Myself and why I founded Women of Power - to help others find the same strength and sense of self-worth that I did. 

With much intentional healing and revealing work I realised many things in a three year time frame. I founded Women of Power Movement, healed all with myself, daughter, mother and sister, became an independent New Thought Minister, Married with my soul twin Jason, received a Doctorate, authored and self published my third book Dream Big Expect Miracles Now, created  DIVINE CEO MAGAZINE and I continue to devotedly study and expand in consciousness as a Spiritual teacher.




Late 2023 I experienced burn out and realised the old pattern of people pleasing creeping through reminding me to STOP and reassess again. Divine CEO Magazine is born from my willingness to pull back soul threads that I had gifted others and to focus on what truly brings me joy. As a connector and communicator I said YES and DIVINE CEO is here now as the voice of the women who share so powerfully as a beacon of light and empowerment for midlife women seeking  guidance to navigate through a new phase in their lives using higher thought wisdom. DIVINE CEO  is to a space for women be empowered to realise themselves as Divine beings, to couragously affirm their power and embrace change, confident in who they are and what they want. With informative and engaging content written by expert leaders globally, DIVINE CEO equips midlife self identified women to take charge of life and become the CEO of your own DREAMS.

As a fully realised high achieving Empath I'm here to tell you that you have the power to reinvent your life. Through my own journey, I've learned the importance of self-discovery, self-care, and self-love. With these tools, you can create a life that truly fulfils you.

I am humbled to be your guide through the process of personal discovery and soul empowerment.


Rev. Dr. Laura is an award winning communicator and connector.

She assists spiritual teachers, thought leaders, speakers and entrepreneurs to activate their lives for Divine feminine recognition and expansion for life and business.

Laura is the visionary way shower creator, editor and publishing CEO of DIVINE CEO magazine, presenter of the Women of Power Show and founder of the Women of Power movement.


Laura teaches women globally the power of harnessing the Divine Feminine through practical spirituality and the art and science of Doing Less, Being More, Keeping It Simple and Impacting Immensely for prosperous, joy filled everyday living.


Laura speaks for communities, organisations and businesses on practical spirituality for divine feminine conscious leadership and introduces the creative power of the Labyrinth through walking and art. 

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Rev. Dr. Laura holds a Doctorate in Consciousness Studies [Emerson Institute US], is an independent New Thought Minister with Emerson Institute US, a Labyrinth walk facilitator and has Masters dist. in Exercise and Health Behaviour and menopause choices.


Empowering women to supporting themselves and each other, enabling them to create self sustainable wealth for their lives, families and communities - using spiritual practice, mindfulness and emotional self mastery.


To support women with personal and spiritual empowerment education, for individual and collective unfolding of freedom, wholeness, peace, vitality, wellbeing and prosperity.


Midlife women everywhere embodying their Divine worth and spiritual magnificence

and living from this power to experience deep inner peace and fulfilment.

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