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Hi my name is Laura -


AKA Laura of Attraction, and I am here to remind you of the #MAMMAPOWER that you are.

If you are 51% ready and willing to receive and accept the invitation of infinite supply of prosperity, that is here for you right now, you have landed safely and in the right place.

There was a time when I was entirely invested in not shining my light, staying small and scared to trust myself in making decisions for my life. I was so good at hiding away that I allowed self rejection to be my number one go to place. Believing that staying invisible to the world, I would just get by and live with the pain of self denial, whilst remaining stuck in wounded healer and starving artist consciousness. This became my safe place, until...

I was given the amazing opportunity to WAKE up and realise that I have a BIG GIFT to share with the world.


You see I grew up in the rag trade, my parents owned high fashion women's stores and to me, the shop floor was second home!

It was when one day that I suddenly realsied that I loved working with women and assisting them, however I always drew to me women who would share their secrets, and I realised that serving on the shop floor was not my calling, however becoming a personal fitness trainer was.


So with determination and grit I stepped away from the 'expected' role of women's fashion and reeducated my self in the world of physical activity. Here I got to help women with their healing, especially those in menopause, as I created and developed a system of exercise programs that supported women in reducing osteoporosis. 


It was many many years later that my emphasis shifted again and I was called to delve more deeply into my heart's calling, to become a life coach and a research student of metaphysics and consciousness, and for the past 10 years, I have devoted thousands of hours to study and practice of ancient and modern spiritual principles. 

My constant desire to grow and evolve has gifted me the COURAGE to stay true to my heart. I have journeyed many unchartered territories to remain in my truth, and I know what it takes to stay devoted to your heart's calling, especially when it looks as if your world is crumbling down before your eyes.

2020 invited pivotal change and transformation for humanity and personally, I was offered the direct opportunity to heal and grow.  Consciously choosing to let go of what no longer served me, living in homeless accomadation, and rewriting my story allowed me the gift of putting all of my learnings into practice.


The outcome so far from this is that deep healing took place in my personal relationships, my business expanded, and my ministry / which is my business has a clear vision and mission.  More importantly, I know in the depths of my heart the power of awareness, and that in every single moment we are in choice. The question is... are we using this choice to live life in the fulness of prosperity.

So for the record, I am here guiding and supporting women in their own awakening, to live prosperously, to love money, and to follow their heart's desires... because this is where the MAGIC resides.

My original INFINITY Law of Attraction Chants and Songs that I create with Jason, support women with their holistic workouts.


The #MAMMAPOWER ACADEMY brings women together from all around the globe, to be inspired to prosperous living.

I honor you and all that you are, and I know that being here is your first step to Manifesting #MAMMAPOWER Miracles Now


Laura holds a Masters Degree distinction in Exercise and Health Behaviour, and is a Licenced Spiritual Practitioner RScP, and an overly qualified Labyrinth facilitator.

Laura continues her adventure of spiritual leadership education with Centres for Spiritual Living Florida Campus, USA, due to complete spring 2022.



Laura and Jason, Your music has been so helpful to me during this time. 

You are such a blessing to the world!  Thank you for being the love you are, always have been, always will be! Much love and gratitude, thank you so much!

Your songs brought me to tears because they are so full of the love of healing!

Rev Serena Hemmer

Concordia Center for Spiritual Living (Warwick, RI) was blessed to have Laura & Jason provide our celebration music at our opening Celebration of January 2021 - what a joyful and uplifting experience for our entire community!  With Laura on vocal and Jason providing rhythm and bass, they were a blessing to us all, and a great way to start off the new year.  I can't wait to have them return in the very near future!    

Kevin Montgomery, Worship Arts Director, Concordia CSL


Dearest Laura, Your Voice is the Voice of an Angel and I will definitely take you up on your offer of using your work in my presentations and energy field!  Your consciousness is a gift to humanity!

Dr. Rev Sharon Stroud

Laura Topper brings sparkle and soul to everything she does. Her interviews are insightful and her singing is delightful. Plus the love between her and Jason will make you smile!

Terry Paul Choyce, Feel the Flow, on New Thought Media Radio

I first met Laura and Jason in January 1st 2016. I was led by Laura in an amazing labyrinth day experinece, which included music, meditation, journaling, and a labyrinth walk. We walked to find a guiding word and the word SHINE was revealed to me. That day was really illuminating, it empowered me to step into the spotlight and claim my right to shine my light. I've since qualified as a Heal Your Life Teacher and gone on to start my own business.  I have been overjoyed to reconnect with Laura and Jason via their Cosmic Concerts. Their soulful offerings of positive music and meditation really guides me to an authentic alignment of love and connect me to a vibrant global community. Highly recommend you join their vibrant global community.

Thank you Jenny Luddington

Laura, I love your love, your voice, your songs, your beautiful soul Jason playing the Kora.

The love that you share with the world is so beautiful. Thank YOU both!"

Sharon Saraga Walters

Hi Laura, I've just listened to your first album what an absolute divine voice you have. Is it OK to share it with my friends?

Elaine Scarlett

Laura and Jason performed beautifully and inspirationally at our book launch event on December 8th 2019~ bringing just the right mix of melody, rhythm, and spiritual songs to the party. They didn't just come to the event ~ they were part of the event!
Many thanks... David and Lin Serlin.
Jason and Laura provided a very valued and uplifting performance and the Gandhi Foundation's multi faith celebration in 2017.  They made a key contribution to making the event a great success.
Mark  Hoda ~ The Gandhi Foundation UK. 2017
I loved the musicality and the beat! along with the meaningful lyrics.
Took my breath away. WONDERFUL ENERGY
Rev Jodi Cross  Nov 2020
Laura and Jason have a wonderful presence, calm warm, and open people with a great passion for life and their music.  Laura shares insightful ideas around purpose, intention, and love, accompanied by Jason's atmospheric Kora and soundscape.   They play intuitively from the heart, asking you to reach deep within to your core values and attitudes.   An inspiring experience from a dedicated partnership.
Anna Brook, Unity Studios, Brighton. 2018
Laura and Jason create and hold a wonderfully warm and loving space and experience, beautiful music, and sharing and I felt a strong sense of their belief in me.  A very precious and gentle experience for me to take forwards in my life.  Thank You 
 Madeleine ~ workshop participant. 2018  
'Mama on a Mission is an incredible book.  Seven powerful strategies from seven wonderful women which have made an instant impact on my life and have become the foundation for the change I want to see in me.'
Professor Jacqui Taylor

I first saw Laura and Jason perform in Haarlem Centre for Spiritual Living Conference, Holland in 2017.  Her loving spirit and her absolutely clear consciousness shine brightly through her music.  I found their performance uplifting and inspiring and use their music frequently.​

~ Johanna Janssen, Center Spiritual Leader – Center for Spiritual Living Graham. Carolina . US

As musical leaders for our 2018 ICSL.  conference I believe that the most amazing thing about Laura and Jason as leaders is the consciousness they both have in being in service to the higher life, the teaching, and the principles.
Rev Beth Linguiri. Centre Spiritual Living Geneva. 2018
What beautiful music, straight to the heart.
Mirabai Bangs , New Thought Posi Music Singer-Songwriters. 2016
Laura and Jason, thank you for your very inspiring songs and performance at the Uniting for Peace Spring Conference London 2018. 
Vijay Mehta, Peace Organisation. 2017

I listened to your CD with such appreciation. I am touched and I feel the deep intention of love that flows through your songs. Your soul shines through with grace and wisdom. Yours is a message that is needed in the world.  May many many others find their way to your door and be blessed as I have by the goodness you have created. It is a joy to know that you are offering such beauty.   Thank you, Laura                          

Ann Mortifee. International artist singer, songwriter. 2013


OmmaySing Me has visited Kangaroos twice now and each time has been special for the children. Laura & Jason have spent time getting to know the children and finding ways to engage with them through singing, music, and sensory activities. Every child at the sessions being engaged and enjoying themselves in different ways. It was so great to see the children of all abilities gaining so much from OmmaySing Me Clubs.

Lorna,   Kangaroos Charity, Haywards Heath, Sussex, UK. 2017

Laura is a joy to work with you as you helped me to get out of a place that I was stuck in.  My life is changed through this work with you.

Kishoni. 2012

Such wonderful people, your lyrics and music resonate with me beautifully, thank you


Fantastic music thank you


Pure joy experience with Laura and Jason.  They are truly wonderful, do yourself a favor and show up !

Karolyne 2018

Fabulous energy and positive affirmations, love, and strong belief.  What a wonderful experience Laura and Jason have given and showed today. Thank you

Helen 2018

Wishing you continued success in your journey and we celebrate the good that comes through your loving work

Dr Harry Moses Morgan

Thank you so much for a beautiful and inspirational day of motivation and awesomeness

Jenni Luddington

Inspirational and beautiful work.

God bless you 

Dawn C

So grateful for being here I had an amazing healing day


I can't express my gratitude or put my day into words... its been perfect

Love Sandy

 I love the joy and love of your music.

Rev Joan Williams 2019

Your songs are Inspiring, uplifting, and bringing in the light, love, and truth of our Divine Nature

Isabel 2019

I enjoyed and love the songs, a reminder of who we are

Thank you so much

Jill  2019

Your songs are terrific, awesome, well worth the listen

Bev Thomas 2019

Laura and Jason have bought wonderful energy of love and celebration to our 100 year UNITY celebration event. they touched our hearts.

Thank you

Rev Kimerie Maplecroft 2019

Laura and Jason's music is inspirational in every sense.  Full of energy, feeling and invention. I was very impressed by Jason's evocative instrumental textures which adds another level to Laura's beautiful singing.

Steve Gough 2019

Dearest Laura, thank you so much for your time and love and support and wisdom! I can't quite believe how much better I'm feeling now. I feel like I've got my life back; my control back. I was so overwhelmed with all my recent difficulties and challenges, and I felt lost and like I was spiraling down out of control. You helped me find true me again; reconnect with my strength and love and trust in myself. I can't thank you enough. Well, I can. :-) I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now and always. 

Kateriina 2019

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