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It All Begins HereYOU  have traveled so far, journeyed for so long, and learned so much on the way.
Spiritual AWAKENING and QUANTUM Rebirthing have  you into the knowing of your true Self and you KNOW that you are called to

bring your knowing to life
to serve and skyrocket your SpiritLead business
to live your purpose
and to make a difference here for humankind and planet earth.deconstructed every aspect of your human experience, you may  

Your awakening experience has unashamedly delinerised and deconstructed your linear experience of your reality, and this can feel scary. My personal quest after my dynamic quantum rebirth in 2012, became an obsession, I had to know and understand what happened from a mental perspective. This lead me into a now 9 year path of hi level education on spirituality, metaphysics, quantum science and the nature of conesiousness.  

You now realise that there is only now.

You are ready and equipped to beam your light even more brightly and you know that now is the time to FULLY 
Align, INTEGRATE and use your Dynamic Direct Awakening Experience to set yourself Free from the shoulda, woulda, coulda chains that have kept you stuck for years, and to catapult your SpiritLead business into reality!  

You are in the light of the light of the world, and  there is much to do, to
heal, to unlearn and to relearn, to clear the way and live from the light of love, and expansion, and to once and for all

PROSPER as the Light LeadHer that you are NOW initiated and called to embody.

Now is the time to initiate and intersperse a mega cosmic ripple and as a LightLeadher you, and many others, have been called to answer this calling to set your Spirit Lead business FREE.



Born Again 13 Day Initiation


Quantum Rebirth Sanctuary

On 27th October 2012, I experienced a full blown, embodied, quantum rebirth awakening, whilst walking a Labyrinth in a coach training programme. The effects of this catapulted me into a 9 year course of study and enquiry, as I am propelled to assist others who encounter the intensity of direct experience as a guide and way shower, whilst opening further the mind and heart to the infinite possibilities that these experiences offer, to be of service to humanity.