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  The 8 Stages of IMMENSE LOVE

Masterclass Retreat Facilitate

 Envision a new paradigm of Women's Leadership.
One that emerges as a unified interconnection from me to we. Where collaboration is key to connection and community coherence, and where
IMMENSE LOVE is the template for
business, relationships and health to flourish blissfully.

Welcome to this Sacred Space for
Awakened Women 

on the Verge of a New Beginning.

Here you can turn the key to infinite possibilities as you expand into your highest calling of 

to be of empowered service on the planet at this time. 

Here you can embody Laura's IMMENSE LOVE Breath into Being Process, to embody the LOVE LISTENING METHOD and embrace the power of STORYTELLING, to transform your passion based business, relationships, your world, and connect with those you are called to serve greatly at this time.

Here you are welcome.

Identifying as a woman, you know deep within your Soul that you are ready to shift into and embody a higher frequency, to heal more deeply, serve more fully and to transform the lives of many globally. You also know in your heart that it is our responsibility to be change we desire to see, by setting the vision in motion for a shift of power structure from masculine to feminine leadership.

Both individually and collectively we are being pushed and prodded to join hearts and open to LOVE as we remember who we are to more dynamically uplift humanity.

Be the IMMENSE LOVE ambassador you are here to be


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We are awakening now to a new paradigm of women's leadership, one that is dynamically moving us from a ME to WE, competition to connection consciousness, & midwifing a sustainable foundation for unicentric living.

As a conscious creative and Love Light Leader, you are AWARE THAT we are now individually and collectively being called to successfully draw on the power of IMMENSE LOVE, to unite more fully with deep inner peace, prosperity, and heart opening connection for a deeper relationship to ourselves and others.

This is our true purpose and calling now, and we are now being called to embody Leadership as a way of being and to make a sacred commitment to transform the way that we navigate our lives.

It feels as if things as we have known them for lifetimes, are intensely crumbling right now, and they are, and this is necessary, however painful it may feel.

There is a new way emerging, a new paradigm that is shining as a beacon of light, beckoning us one by one to step up and say YES to a collective understanding of IMMENSE LOVE and self directed leadership for all aspects of our lives. 

In 2012 I as I walked the path of the sacred labyrinth, a rebirthing took place for me there and then.  I was being prepared and I followed my heart to a deeper path of learning on the nature of life and consciousness, that inspires me to serve greatly in this life now.

In 2019, with YEARS OF PERSONAL & SPIRITUAL expansion and awakening, my world completely crumbled yet again. Stuck, at breaking point with my daughter, financially broke, and living in a shelter with no fixed address, I knew that the only way for me to change my life was to intentionally get serious and put what I had been studying for 35 years into practice.

Diligently using the practices that I outline in these
FREE COURSES, over 2 years I witnessed many more great transformations, and I am now called and committed to sharing with you the practices and tools that assisted me on a journey from hopelessness to wholeness.

Our outer experience is direct out picturing of our inner frequency, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, intentions and subconscious program patterning.

This is not always easy to acknowledge, and yet as we surrender to seeing through the darkened glass, we can catch that glimpse of IMMENSE LOVE that so perfectly desires expression.

Often we are so caught up in the stories that we create, that we become accustomed to living only a fraction of what we truly desire. We begin to believe our limitations, and in many cases, we even argue for them!

It's as you realise that you are ready to see, do and experience things differently, that life holds out the opportunity to leap and thrive. 

As and when you master the teachings and principles in the courses that I have created here, you will see and feel your life transform and unfold in many many outstanding ways. Feeling the energetic calling to expand further into your newfound VISION and greatness, you may be called to step into the leadership mandate that is whispering in your heart, as it did for me. 

Know that I teach and use the power of
IMMENSE LOVE and inspired purposeful action as a grounded practice for transformation.

This alone can alchemise your life, more deeply serving you to materialise boundless prosperity, health, and relationships, and a deeper realisation of both your core and immediate life purpose.

My offerings are imbued with the dynamic transmissions of the labyrinth and the many years of study, unfoldings, and direct & life experiences, that have guided me to assist people globally to live outstanding lives.

Heal . Reveal . Expand . Transform