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Transcend and transform with Laura's healing songs

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Transcend and transform with Laura's 30 minute Deep relaxation Songhealer

This 30 minute, deep relaxation autosuggestion booster,  allows for powerful recognition and realignment to the message I Am Safe I Am Loved.  Created exclusively by Laura, with music by Jason Salmon, specifically to transform your subconscious, inspire relaxation, and uplift your vibe to a new and altered perception.  Once downloaded you can use this every day for 40  days to absorb the message and bypass your subconscious mind. The power of autosuggestion is recognised both metaphysically and scientifically, and this 30-minute uplifting treat allows for relaxation and a refreshed frame of mind.

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You are such a blessing to the world!  Thank you for being the love you are, always have been, always will be! Much love and gratitude, thank you so much! Your songs brought me to tears because they are so full of the love of healing!

Rev Serena Hemmer

World Fusion, Folk Soul, Healing Mantra Songstress. Sending ripples of LOVE to hearts universally ...


My name is Laura, I am a spiritual songstress, teacher, and guide, leading the way with love as a recorded artist, teacher, author, and pointer to health, wealth and love. Together with my partner Jason Salmon, our INFINITY songs and music touch hearts around the globe.

With my songs, circles, teachings and courses, I inspires women to shine out and show up for themselves,
I am known for guideing women to knowing their Divine SUCCESS, and to reawaken their soul voice, and Stand in their truth. 

My personal spontaneous spiritual AWAKENING and direct mystical experience in 2012 at the Labyrinth, empowered me to completely BEGIN my life over. I am fully committed to AWAKENING Self mastery for humanityand awakening in others their fullest  potential for love, health, and wealth. 

I am currently initiating in spirituality/metaphysics /ministerial education with CSL Florida Campus.

Join me on my weekly Cosmic Prayer show live on Face Book on New Thought Media Network. 

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