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As a #TOPMAMMA you are saying YES to sending a huge love ripple to children and inspiring them to believe in themselves, to be kind, to accept one another, and to know how AMAZING they are.

The Omm Foundation is a Social Enterprise Offering

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'The proportion of children experiencing a probable mental disorder has increased over the past three years, from one in nine in 2017 to one in six in July this year.

The rate has risen in boys aged 5 to 16 from 11.4% in 2017 to 16.7% in July 2020 and in girls from 10.3% to 15.2%3 over the same time period, according to The Mental Health of Children and Young People in England 2020 report, published today by NHS Digital, in collaboration with the Office for National Statistics, the National Centre for Social Research, the University of Cambridge and the University of Exeter.'

The OMM Foundation supports children GLOBALLY with Meditation Cards and other exciting personal development products, provided FREE

to teachers, parents and keyworkers.


Since 2014 OmmaySing Me has served many children, and our aim now is to reach millions of children globally to inspire kindness, love, acceptance of self and others, and self-belief.

What began in my back garden in 2014 is now

an exciting global vision for children and families  around the world.

OmmaySing Me is an integrated social enterprise business committed to educating meditation and positive living tools for inner peace, prosperity and positive living to children, teachers, parents and grandparents.

OmmaySing Me began in Laura's back garden in 2014 with a simple Self Love Workshop for children and parents.  With her deep intention and commitment to see meditation available in all UK schools and nurseries, Laura embarked on a journey of creating OmmaySing Me and together with Jason Salmon they have shared OmmaySing Me with children in local schools with tools for positive affirmative living.   

Through devotion, CREATIVITY, determination, passion and love Laura and Jason have shared OmmaySing Me with many children and grownups and children with extra needs including  wheel chair users with both physical and emotional needs, and their key workers. Jason's music adds the perfect foundation for Laura's songs and together they continue on their exciting journey of musical creation bringing a rich variety of music, song and sound to OmmaySing Me .

OmmaySing Me as an education has its roots in a greater intention for the planet right now and this is..

  • to uplift spiritual and emotional health and well being

  • to inspire improvement in global future mental health

  • to reduce anxiety, stress and increase self knowing and self sufficiency

  • to encourage responsible social choices and improve future mental health status

  • to overall benefit community and public economy through teaching of regular spiritual knowing and practice.



  • OmmaySing Me inspires, uplifts, and educates children, to know how AMAZING they already are, to know themselves as love, and to connect with their inner wisdom to live from kindness, compassion, unconditional love, self belief, and self-acceptance.

  • Educating oneness, self belief and  creative self expression.

  • OmmaySing Me teaches spiritual principles and practices for positive, meaningful, prosperous living.​​



  • One Million Children and Their Grown Ups Meditating Every Day

  • Kindness Rules OK in all UK schools and beyond

  • To educate children and their grown ups and teachers with the tools for positive, prosperous living and self belief

  • To partner with orginisations and spiritual teachers globally who align with the  values, mission and vision of OmmaySing Me.

In the beginning


Whilst me and Jason were recording our song I LOVE ME for our album Metamorphosis I was inspired to ask a group of children and their parents to join in with the chorus and to record the chant ' I love me, I love my soul, I love my self, I love my spirit within ... Are you ready to LOVE your self now.'  A simple enough ask that was responded to abundantly as between  a friend of mine and me we knew a lot of mums in my local community that were very positive about the thought of their little ones being recorded on a song. We were even more inspired to record this at our home in Sussex, and to arrange an I Love Me creativity workshop in our garden.  This was a great success and together with our trusted sound engineer Jake Rousham, Jason and I  created a beautiful chorus for the song AND the family workshop that we created was filled with heartfelt love.

This first seed planted the beginnings of  OmmaySing Me in my heart.

Campaign for Meditation in all UK Schools


In 2015 I began a signatory campaign for self love and meditation lessons to be on the school curriculum in UK schools and nurseries.  If you are passionate about this you can sign here as this is an ongoing project.

Ditchling Primary School, Sussex, UK


In 2016 I developed the first  OmmaySing MClub programme.  Together with Jason Salmon we successfully taught this at Ditchling Primary School in Sussex as a 2 term after school club facility. This was to become the foundational basis that would shape OmmaySing Me over the next 3 years.

Albourne Primary School, Sussex, UK


In 2017 we took OmmaySing Me after school Clubs to a small group of children at Albourne School, Sussex for one term . This worked well while we were there and allowed for further tweeking of the club programme.  

Extra Time,Sussex, UK

2016 - present day

In 2016 we began successfully providing  OmmaySing Mto the Brighton based Charity Extra Time, for children on the spectrum and their keyworkers as holiday club individual sessions.  This is an amazing experience for everyone involved and we continue to bond links with this Charity and show up with OmmaySing Me every time.

Kangaroos Charity, Sussex, UK

2016 - present day

In 2016 we began successfully providing  OmmaySing Mto the Haywards Heath based Charity Kangaroos, for wheelchair user children and their keyworkers as holiday club individual sessions.  This is an amazing experience for everyone involved and we continue to bond links with this Charity and show up with our  OmmaySingnesevery time.

St Pauls School, Brighton Sussex


In 2018 we moved to Brighton, Sussex and I began providing OmmaySing Me to St Pauls School, Brighton as an after club facility.  This worked fantastically with small groups and the children loved the creative fun and meaning that OmmaySing Me  bought to them. 

This evolved into a trial in the school day'programme' over a 6 week period with a small group of children who definitely benefited from understanding and implementing a Daily One Minute Meditation routine.

Sommerhill School Brighton


In 2018 the  OmmaySing Me Club programme inspired  children at Sommerhill School Brighton.

International Day of Peae, Oldham, UK


In 2018 Laura inspired 100 children with  OmmaySing Mat Alexandra House School in Oldham UK with the Peace Begins With Me Global Project and later on that day gave a talk at the Oldham Peace Project Conference to children, parents and teachers.

  OmmaySing Mat Geneva ICSL Retreat Conference


OmmaySing Metravels to Geneva Switzerland to share its light at the Geneva International Centres for Spiritual Living Retreat Conference.  We gave a full blown OmmaySing MRainbow Bubble Party to grown ups AND 2 separate Club playshops to groups of Children.  This was fun fun fun and we look forward to sharing OmmaySing Me Globally.

The Art of Living and Dying Conference



Bringing OmmaySing Me to this empowered educational wellness event  highlights the need and vital importance to have meditation taught in all schools as standard.  We gave our OmmaySing M Rainbow Bubble Party to children and their grown ups.

The  OmmaySing Me Franchise Training Programme development


In 2018 OmmaySing Me Club I began creating the Franchise Training programme curriculum, this is an ongoing project and one that is so creatively fulfilling to be present while it unfolds in all of its glory.

The  OmmaySing MRainbow Bubble Party Tour


In 2019 sees the rise of  the  OmmaySing MRainbow Bubble Party Tour for children and grown ups at events, celebrations, spiritual gatherings.  Our exciting expansion begins to reveal itself as myself and Jason take what we truly love as musicians and create an atmosphere of Magic and Wonder as we provide OmmaySing MRainbow Bubble Parties for children age 3- 103 !

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