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Make Peace With The Past - Freedom NOW 💗

Get ready to break free from the story and immerse in the NEW

March 11th - 7 pm UK / 2 pm ET / 12 noon MT


Right now we are journeying a superwave adventure of FAITH.


As we navigate the past year and our emotions around how life is NOW, we are being called to STEP UP and STAND UP with COURAGE, to get on with what is ours to do and to be clear about what we are doing.


It is vital to remember that we are not victims of circumstance.


Making a difference is what we are each here to do, and doing this requires that we step into our highest light and make peace with what is no longer serving.  


Join me for one hour in this sacred circle and be prepared to be moved out of the old and into the NEW.  I will share the ancient wisdom tools, now proven by science! to inspire you to release yourself from the bondage of limit and lack, giving yourself the gift of FREEDOM.


Together we self empower by talking on

  • what's holding you back from moving on

  • why you settle for past experience

  • how to get past the block 

In addition to this, there will be opportunity for you to continue the power healing experience and take part in an additional hour Make Peace with the Past, deep plunge workshop with Laura as your guide.

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