Mama's Love is something so great, its indescribable, its a magic that is always here in our hearts. beating and pumping in our lives.  This love is a feeling so  deeply set in our hearts and minds, in fact our whole being is synchronised to love and cherish our children and as they grow and choose for themselves the journey that feels True for them this can often feel challenging, however in the knowing the YOU ARE A MIRACLE ACTION... it is completely possible to use the power of your mind and your heart to shift focus from feeling frazzled, time depleted and on high alert to a place of calm, centred, overflowing glow and totally fulfilled.

You are a busy as nurturers, lover and business women and one thing that can seem short in your live is TIME, and yet you can learn how to manage this by understanding how to place yourself in the point of your POWER and subtly bend and shift your time to suit you ! Yes the amazing thing is you can trick life into working for you and this is an art that is so very empowering and it begins with a decision to being open to loving YOU first.  So often though we willingly compromise ourselves in the throws of caring for and guiding our children for their highest and best.  It can be so easy to put ourselves last on the to BE list and feel unfulfilled and unappreciated in the process.  How is it that we as conscious, loving Mama's, women of the world ! fully capable and ultra syncronised can allow ourselves to feel like were just at the whim of our children's beck and call.  Its time to CLAIM Back Your POWER.

Mamas Love Live ZOOM Course and Mentoring Programme are here to serve YOU, to guide you to living in your completeness and fulfilment as a Mama on a MIssion  



Is a LIVE   GROUP process developed lovingly by Laura,

avaliable  3 times a year  in .....


February dates Thursday 7, 14, 21, 28

Follow Laura's Signature MAMAS LOVE RULES OK Process to 

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This  ZOOM Group  offers you the growth opportunity to really look at your life, your desires and your blocks and to gently and nourishingly let go and let live !





TUNE INTO YOUR INNER POWER AND Turn UP the TRUE YOU, the woman that's been waiting to show herself all this time. 

You know that there's a TRUE and incredible, powerful vision of your true self and your life that's just there in your reach, and yet something is holding you back and keeping you from stepping into your GLORY...... ! 

Now is the time to BREAK FREE.......

Mama on a Mission ~ Created by Laura and written with 6 inspirational women Mama's   Kate Bartram Brown . Mel Campbell . Yvonne Skelly . Zoe Owl . Patricia Iris Kerins .

Belle Amatt

Mama on a Mission 

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'Mama on a Mission is an incredible book, 7 powerful strategies from 7 wonderful women which has made an instant impact in my life and has become the foundation for the change I want to see in me..'

Professor Jacqui Taylor

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Say Yes to You Say Yes to LOVE.


And so here you are, mother, lover, parent, provider, teacher, kidi coach, inspirer, giver, nurturer, chief power source for the allness of your life, full time magical inspiration and of course head chef and meal planner !


Let’s face it when we say YES to bringing forth our children we say yes to the greater mantle of realigning our whole being to that of love and divinity.  Those 3 little letters, that one bigger word, the energy and vibration of the whole meaning of YES has implications and effect that we can only imagine during the nine months that we carry this new light of love.  


This YES holds new horizons that can place the best laid pre pregnancy dreams and visions plans for our lives in the holding tray.  In that brave and exciting moment of allowing the head and heart to speak together we accept the golden sceptre, that for past generations and eons the ancestral lineage of our mother tribe have  said yes to and graced. Motherhood as a right of passage is here to wake and shake us to the very core of our being. As we say YES to bringing life to life, we say yes to the greater Universal yes that flows through us to expand and bring forth love to this life.  This is an enlightened passage of grace ……..

Oh the spectacular magnificence of being the Mama, the vessel for rose petaled new beginnings.  A blessing to behold.


Carrying this light, we plan, potter, prepare and ponder over every detail, ticking off the giant checklist, prenatals, space creation, body changes, mood shifts and not giving a flying fig in the process. We are driven by a force so strong that just knows that it knows that we know and honour our task of birthing now.


People, friends, family those in the know of the secret club of birthing initiation tell us that our life will ‘change FOREVER’.  That my friend meant nothing to me as I carried my daughter unaware of the task and demands that awaited me on her arrival..  I didn’t quite get what they meant, how could I ? as my life was already changed dramatically with being a lone mother from my YES moment.


And then BOOM, the day came and she arrived. With a 37 hour labour and a screaming new baby who refused to breastfeed with constant colic, I had my work cut out.  As a new lone mum I was in shock, my daughter in distress and my world in a tailspin of emotional mayhem. This was slightly more than a change forever, more like a total mess !


Naturally I grew to love motherhood as my daughter and I blossomed in love the ‘mess’ merged into bliss and over time I learned to navigate the newness of my YES and put every ounce of my Spiritual awareness in to my new role as a mindful mum. No vaccinations, goats milk, only natural organic food, good sleep and lots of nurturing time together, no TV at home and my desire to bring self love awareness to me and my daughter was my eclectic recipe for wholesome child rearing.  My daughter a strong leader with a full hearted Spirit loved early life and was hungry to learn, an early walker, talker and reader I often felt that I had given birth to a mini Einstein ! this was a mix of exhaustion and exhilaration for me as I reclaimed my sense of childhood at 38 wallowing in learning and play.


Teaching her to love and accept herself above all and embracing myself as this love inspired me to follow my heart and go for my long held dream of being a Spiritual teacher and songstress. Many learnings and yearnings later as my daughter reached 8 I opened my heart to  celebrating me and to listening to my heart’s desire and following a calling to learn more and to embrace my purpose as a Spiritual and Metaphysical teacher. This knowing came to me through a spontaneous awakened experience whilst walking a Labyrinth and from this my life changed again… I continued to say YES to re birth and re birth ! Singing my songs and creating and teaching my self awareness teaching programme for children and their families, OmmaySing Me, really is a dream becoming true for me.  


You see my message to you here is not one of inspiring children and bringing them up mindfully and teaching them kindness, self love and inner peace.  This is something that you already know that’s why you are reading this magazine. My deepest desire for you is that you realise and listen and stay true to your Truth, and follow your heart and expand your dreams into reality.  Seventeen years ago I said YES and I realise that this yes was not simply to have a child, it was to give birth to ME, to the Spirit that yearned to soar and fly and be the version of myself that I had shelved for so many years. That YES is a constant an I am here to ask you now, right now in this moment….


‘What are you saying YES to right now ?


Is it nappies and frustration and crying tantrums and loneliness… OR is it the opportunity to learn, to grow, to own your stuff and release the unwanted to recreate your life from the heart outwards, with inner power, conviction and LOVE.   Now is the time for you to take charge of yourself, your life, your thoughts and feelings and to surrender to the small, still voice that sees and knows you as far much more that a tired mum and devoted parent. Now is the time to LOVE YOU and blossom from your heart from your Truth.


Loving Yourself is not an option, it’s not a luxury and certainly not compromisable.. Self Love is the greatest POWER TOOL that exists and its each of our birthright.

Ours and Our children’s.

Laura’s Top Self Love Rules !

Knowing your Yes and knowing your NO….. getting clear with your boundaries and lovingly staying put, when we are clear life sees this and reflects it back, every time. Know what you stand for and stand up for that.


Be honest with Your Self…. honour yourself and your feelings and when things don’t feel right LISTEN and move accordingly.  You don’t owe anyone anything…. You owe it to yourself to live in your truth, however uncomfortable that may feel for those we love, follow your intuition, your heart and your calling… This Is Your Life.


Make time and space for YOU….. life shapes itself to your beliefs and desires and so if things are hectic and chaotic, that’s how you are expressing.  Make space for yourself every day, twice a day, create your Mama Power Hour and stick to it, love it and enjoy it.

Clarity, Clarity, Clarity…. every time be clear on what YOU want for your life.  You are the artist, the paint brushes and the canvas, thats a huge deal and you have the power to design every detail…. so go for it.


Look in the Mirror …… see what’s working and what you perceive isn’t working and WORK on it all lovingly… when we clear the blocks Miracles happen.


Your Word is Your Life ….. we speak our life into action...check the thoughts, words and feelings that you carry around with you about you.  Your self talk is your template for your life…. up your game and watch the languaging that you use for yourself, would you speak to a friend in that way…. if not then lovingly ditch the durge.


I realise that as a lone mum I am never lonely, however painful and trapped things were and still can be at times, I always knew and continue to know that life Loves Me and whatever the challenges and frustrations are, I have the power to choose my thoughts, my actions and the habits and patterns that I live,  just as Louise Hay sais ‘I am the only thinker in my head’. The key is to recognise what it is I we are here for and to believe that the way is made clear, following our intuition and enjoying the ride. Motherhood in itself is my teacher and as I review the sixteen years gone by and the numerous Yes’s that I’ve gone for, I now know that by being a mother to myself first and nurturing, loving and honouring my dreams and passions for life, I am then able to be the best version of myself as a mother to my daughter.


This all takes time, willingness, energy and patience and it can be very easy and feel safe to put off the work and stay in the same spot, and yet easy isn’tt always honouring ourselves. Easy is many times just a convenient excuse for staying put in fear of change and doing the same old expected things that really are a distraction and a hindrance for living out our dreams.  I know that you are here and reading this because you feel that you have so much more to experience in this life beyond motherhood and parenting and that as you willingly choose to take small steps to loving you unconditionally, your world and horizon will open up to the greatest knowing of who you are….. an incredible Mama. Take it slowly, stay in your truth, listen to that still small voice and Love Yourself first. This is the greatest yes that you can declare for you, for your child/ren and for your life right now.


There is a new playground on the block …. You can swing on the swings. Slide down the slide. Go on the roundabout and fill up your heart with YOU ……

LOVE all of you and enjoy each and every moment of your greatness and watch as your world gives you a YES in the most amazing of ways...

Jason and Laura provided a very valued and uplifting performance and the Gandhi Foundation's multi faith celebration in 2017
  They made a key contribution to making the event a great success.
Mark  Hoda ~ The Gandhi Foundation UK. 2017
Laura and Jason have a wonderful presence, calm warm and open people with a great passion for life and their music.  Laura shares insightful ideas around purpose, intention and love, accompanied by Jason's atmospheric Kora and soundscape.   They play intuitively from the heart, asking you to reach deep within to your core values and attitudes.   An inspiring experience from a dedicated partnership.
Anna Brook, Unity Studios, Brighton. 2018
Laura and Jason create and hold a wonderful warm and loving space and experience, beautiful music and sharing and I felt a strong sense of their belief in me.  A very precious and gentle experience for me to take forwards in my life.  Thank You 
 Madeleine ~ workshop participant. 2018  
'Mama on a Missio is an incredible book.  Seven powerful strategies from seven wonderful women which has made an instant impact on my life and has become the foundation for the change I want to see in me.'
Professor Jacqui Taylor

I first saw Laura and Jason perform in Haarlem Centre for Spiritual Living Conference, Holland in 2017.  Her loving spirit and her absolutely clear consciousness shine brightly through her music.  I found their performance uplifting and inspiring and use their music frequently.​

~ Johanna Janssen, Center Spiritual Leader – Center for Spiritual Living Graham. Carolina . US

As musical leaders for our 2018 ICSL.  conference I believe that the most amazing thing about Laura and Jason as leaders is the consciousness they both have in being in service to the Higher life, the teaching and the principles.
Rev Beth Linguiri. Centre Spiritual Living Geneva. 2018
What beautiful music, straight to the heart.
Mirabai Bangs , New Thought Posi Music Singer Songwriters. 2016
Laura and Jason, thank you for your very inspiring songs and performance at the Uniting for Peace Spring Conference London 2018. 
Vijay Mehta, Peace Orginisation. 2017

I listened to your CD with such appreciation. I am touched and I feel the deep intention of love that flows through your songs. Your soul shines through with grace and wisdom. Yours is a message that is needed in the world.  May many many others find their way to your door and be blessed as I have by the goodness you have created. It is a joy to know that you are offering such beauty.  

                      Thank you Laura                          

 Ann Mortifee. International artist singer, songwriter. 2013

Lovely Laura what was so relevant and important for 40 years now feels like water off a ducks back. Its incredable.  There are great changes going on all around me daily, which I am totally embracing. Thank you with all my heart.

Mandy. 2014


OmmaySing Me have visited Kangaroos twice now and each time has been special for the children. Laura & Jason have spent time getting to know the children and finding ways to engage with them through singing, music and sensory activities. Every child at the sessions being engaged and enjoying themselves in different ways. It was the so great to see the children of all abilities gaining so much from OmmaySing Me Clubs

Lorna,   Kangaroos Charity, Haywards Heath, Sussex, UK. 2017

Laura is a joy to work with you as you helped me to get out of a place that I was stuck in.  My life is changed through this work with you.

Kishoni. 2012

Such wonderful people, your lyrics and music resonate with me beautifully, thank you


Fantastic music thank you


Pure joy experience with Laura and Jason.  They are truly wonderful, do yourself a favour and show up !

Karolyne 2018

Fabulous energy and positive affirmations, love and strong belief.  What a wonderful experience Laura and Jason have given and showed today. Thank you

Helen 2018

wishing you continued success in your journey and we celebrate the good that comes through your loving work

Dr Harry Moses Morgan

Thank you so much for a beautiful and inspirational day of motivation and awesomeness

Jenni L

Inspirational and beautiful work.

God bless you 

Dawn C

So grateful for being here I had an amazing healing day


I cant express my gratitude or put my day into words... its been perfect

Love Sandy

Love peace and harmony



I love the joy and love  of your music

Rev Joan Williams 2019

Your songs are Inspiring, uplifting and bringing in the light, love and truth of our Divine Nature

Isabel 2019

I enjoyed and love the songs, a reminder of who we are

Thank you so much

Jill  2019

Your songs are terrific, awesome, well worth the listen

Bev Thomas 2019

Laura and Jason have bought a wonderful energy of love and celebration to our 100 year UNITY celebration event. they touched our hearts.

Thank you

Rev Kimerie Maplecroft 2019

Laura and Jason's music is inspirational in every sense.  Full of energy, feeling and invention. I was very impressed by Jason's evocative instrumental textures which adds another level to Laura's beautiful singing.

Steve Gough 2019

''Dearest Laura, thank you so much for your time and love and support and wisdom! I can't quite believe how much better I'm feeling now. I feel like I've got my life back; my control back. I was so overwhelmed with all my recent difficulties and challenges, and I felt lost and like I was spiraling down out of control. You helped me find true me again; reconnect with my strength and love and trust in myself. I can't thank you enough. Well, I can. :-) I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now and always. ''

Kateriina 2019