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What got you here wont get you there

What got you here won’t get you there - the courage to begin again in 2024?


The holiday season, festival of light, an ending of a year is well known for its sweet sourness. In the allowing of the new there must be an intentional yes to clear the old and unsupportive, the things that no longer serve, to honour the year gone by, its teachings, its lessons, its opportunities and its joy filled experiences. 


Traditionally this reconing happens on the threshold of passing the veil from one 12 month time frame to another as a ceremonial recognition that can look like a burning bowl, creating a set of new intentions or simply stating life anew for the coming year. 


As a teacher and guide of New Thought I realise that claiming the new is not reserved for one point in time, at any time a new choice can be made. Yes, the ritual of marking certain opportunities is stamped in our minds from mythology, religion, education and societal expectation and these can be truly amazing experiences. AND they can also become limitations for our own personal and spiritual advancement, especially as we expand in awareness and realise that the power to transform and transcend lies within, and is reminded by and not determined by awareness days, holy days or societal frameworks.  


We are now energetically stepping over the threshold to a new year, 2024, we are called to rise into activating the Divine feminine in ways that may push, prod and definitely take us out of our comfort zone. 


As I was once very rightly reminded, spiritual growth is not comfortable and when did I accept in my mind that life was meant to be comfortable? 


As trailblazers we say yes to living into a soul mandate, to shatter the status quo, living transcendently and never agreeing to societal norms that celebrate and instigate dis empowerment, lack and limitation. However when it comes to our own personal lives and to the minutiae of daily living, agreements made, habits formed and continued, unsupportive beliefs and ideas of who we are and be and the courage to say no to people, places and things that no longer support our expanding worldview, we tend come up short by allowing continued patterns that we know on some level aren't supportive. 


And yet we can be great at defending these even when we can see how they outpicture unsupportively in our lives ! 



Trailblazing begins within.


My 2023 experience 

Stepping over the Temenos and into 2024 is a blooming opportunity to take a microscopic look at our lives. 


Yes we want world peace, 


yes we desire compassion and kindness as our natural way of being, 


yes we want the end of conflict and resolution for disharmonious relationships, homelessness, violence, intolerance, violation. 


Be honest with yourself, where are you allowing less than this in your life?


OK I am not suggesting in any way that these things written above are happening as your experience now, and if they are then don't be alone at this time of year and reach out and seek guidance and assistance from friends / professionals, however to some degree we each allow ourselves the grace to live life as a glass half empty experience that separates us from experiencing the fullness of infinite possibilities that exist in the here and now. 



2024 has personally gifted me many opportunities to refresh, clear the way and begin again. With two long bouts of burnout, Jan and July 23, each taking me down for 8 weeks, I was given more than enough time to reevaluate my life choices including the following:

What are my beliefs about organised spiritual community? 

What is my true soul calling and purpose for work in the 3D world?

Why I continue to live from others standards? 

What do I really desire as my everyday lifestyle? 

Who and what I was clinging onto for fear of letting go and letting God? What habits patterns were unsupportive and why did I believe that doing things a certain way was the only way? 

How easy it can be to cling onto a certain self image for fear of being me? Who and what was no longer serving me? 

Why was I over giving and under valuing the deepest parts of myself that are always guiding me to my wholeness?


And the final frontier! 


Why was I everyday choosing to place my intention and attention into others’ projects and distract myself from fully immersing myself with my true assignment and work in the world?


Now this defiantly gave me something to chew on in the midst of a burnout breakdown!


This year certainly gave me a dose of reality checking for myself and with my screaming and kicking yes, I came to many resolutions, dissolved many beliefs, sky rocketed willing forgiveness and rewrote my sacred idea of who I am and what I am here for now. 


In doing so I consciously waved goodbye and said my farewell to many things and many people. Always with love as my express intention and always knowing that this is for the highest and best of all. 


Spiritual growth is not comfortable, it comes with a necessary guidance system that provokes self love and compassion and commands reverence and discernment. 


For me living from the question - what am I you willing to be uncomfortable with? has offered many solutions over the past twelve years.


This year I stayed in this questions for long enough to realise that the solutions were already here, closer than my breath. As I disrupted my own status quo, entered the liminal and allowed the Divine to speak through, I understood that I am a natural connector and communicator and being a human design projector it is second nature for me to invite people into projects. I had done this for many years by initiating collective book projects, creating and recording 4 albums of our songs with chosen musicians, creating many talk podcasts and live streamed conversation shows, connecting global communities and creating the Women of Power Circle movement. 


This year I followed my heart boldly and as I mentioned came away from being in the organisation of spiritual community, I completed a doctorate in consciousness, authored DREAM BIG Expect Miracles Now and ordained as an independent New Thought Minister and yet lying there burnt out and bedraggled I realised that with all of these educational achievements, they mean nothing if I am not happy and fulfilled with a deep sense of everyday meaningful living. 


There, lying in bed in August, feeling as if I was about to physically transition, I realised that if I am not doing what I love doing then I am wasting this lifetime which is a disservice to myself and humanity. It was then that it came to me - what got me here won't get me there and in the words of Einstein if I want to see things differently I have to do things differently.


Over the next few days I got out my trusted journal again! And I wrote out lists and lists, pages and pages of 

  • What I love doing

  • What comes to me naturally 

  • What expands my soul

  • What feels limiting

  • and the skills that I have attained in the past 10 years

  • What I would do if resources were not a limit

  • What this could look like 5 years from now


Like making a cake, I mixed the recipe ingredients together in different combinations and what came through as the result is now the beginnings of DIVINE CEO Magazine as a free offering for women globally. DIVINE CEO Magazine is born from a necessity that became clear to me in 2023 to support and inspire women who are ready to fully believe in themselves, to harness their calling to live on purpose and realise that it is time to co create a life and business of meaning and fulfilment using spiritual and consciousness practices. I realised there and then that this is the offering that I needed and so in good old Bette Midler style I took her mantra of 

if its in front of me its mine to do

and said yes with affirmative action. I had no idea HOW this would come to pass, I tapped into every seed of faith and became the YES to birthing the magazine.

Harmonise and enter a new portal 

Next to my bed at that time was a reminder that the New Thought female teachers of the 19th century had healed themselves from seemingly terminal diseases. With Emma Curtis Hopkins and Mary Baker Eddy both denying and affirming their way through illness and poverty to wellness and prosperity I lay there knowing that these powerful teachings and treatment works and that I was the common denominator for realising them. We are each using the Universal Law and the wisdom of the Divine to cocreate, often we don't like what we see as lived experience. Conscious creation takes courage, willingness, intention and attention and it also requires FAITH in things unseen to the human eye.


My reason for sharing this with you now is to let you know that it took courage and vulnerability for me to dig deep and to forgive myself and others, mainly myself, for cruising in a life that I had created that no longer served me. 


Whatever you are experiencing, whatever may seem unmendable, unwanted, unlikable there is always a way, and for me increasingly the way is an inward voyage where the wisdom of the Divine awaits. Too often in the business of life distractions become hardcore habits that we can become so accustomed to that we put up with unwanted results and we even make and affirm our excuses for why we aren’t prepared to change things. 


Your BIG DREAM is not something to be ignored. Your BIG DREAM is not a wafting fancy. It matters. 


Harmonising and accepting that your most expanded vision is not a fanciful add on to your life, but rather it is your soul calling mandate and purpose, will move you into action and this action can be quickened with regular meditation and open hearted expanded listening in the stillness.


Creating time and space to meditate daily is a gift that we all too often ignore. Knowing the connection and being willing to take the wisdom that it offers is always available and yet in the business of the day we are lead to believe that change happens by moving life around in the physical, rather than knowing that we transform life as we turn within and take direction from the unseen world of knowing. 


Harmonising your world is an art form, one that commands sometimes turning things upside down. Burnout is not necessary for realising a new, for me this it was, however I know more and more that when life throws an opportunity that feels so unwanted, there is a life line that begins within and the solution always attached.


What got you here won’t get you there 

Dissolving beliefs, ideas, scenarios takes courage and it is a necessary outcome of moving through to the new paradigm. Often these beliefs are rooted in clusters of ideas that are so enmeshed in our minds that they become who we are, until they don't anymore. You can alchemically transform these ideas and it is OK and necessary to evaluate, not only at New Year, at all times. 


Living your biggest dream

This is not a fairytale Disney caption, it is an invitation into the realm of infinite potential of possibilities. Quantum science is now showing what the mystics have always known, we are each individualised points of consciousness as observers collapsing the wave particle on what we bring our intention and attention to. The mystics also knew that this is not reserved for a certain few, it is what we are each doing momentarily both unconsciously and consciously. We each are the power to the degree that we accept it and use it.


Living from your BIG DREAM as a future you experiment offers an expansion of your mental atmosphere and equivalent.  


The thing is that there can be a propensity to get stuck in a slice if the dream and close off to the more expansive infinite vision that instantly reveals itself as you be with the Divine, listen and open to new possibilities. 


This can be scary as it definitely will invite you out of your comfort zone. Comfort can be a premise offering instant dopamine fix gratification and in the grand scheme of things dedication and to the long term commitment for your unfolding vision takes daring bravery and willingness to live into the discomfort. You will be challenged with your devotion to stick with things through all of this and as you participate in a knowing that i the mind of the Divine there is no big/small, right/wrong, easy/ difficult and life expresses constantly as a supportive potential of all possibilities, you will be inspired to take the necessary actions for the fruition of your BIG DREAMS.



  • Shiny object syndrome

  • Getting distracted with comparison

  • Believing that if you cant see it then its not happening

  • Slip into mediocrity with your faith 


Dream Big Routine

Over the next couple of weeks get out YOUR trusted journal again write out lists and lists, pages and pages of 

  • What you love doing

  • What comes to you naturally 

  • What expands your soul

  • What feels limiting

  • List the skills that you have attained in the past 10 years

  • What would you do if resources were not a limit?

  • What could this look like 5 years from now?


Allow these questions to become your fertile soil for the appearance of new possibilities, with no pressure for inspirations to reveal, simply allow the information to come through. It may come in a dream, a conversation, a sign post or a symbol, however and when ever be alert and use your journal to collate the information ready to review in a few weeks time. 


DIVINE CEO Magazine is the out picturing of my allowing of this practice to be firmly grounded in my daily routine. 

The Dream Big Portal 

Just before DIVINE CEO Magazine was birthed I wrote a little book called DREAM BIG expect miracles now and a Journal to accompany it. In the book I outline my spiritual practice process's that I have taught in many a one to one coaching session and that I personally fully harnessed in 2022 to move me from homelessness, heart broken and pennyless to home stability, healed and financial flow. I suppose that writing the book was a cathartic exercise that was calling to be shared and it allowed me to recognise the power of a yes.


When vision+intention+attention are aligned, miracles appear. Entering a new portal takes dedication to self and shattering the status quo takes devotion in the unseen. This I continue to teach and share with women in the Women of Power Circles and with you here in my newsletter. 


As we voyage into 2024 remember you are always supported and that your great big juicy dream is seeded in your heart and mind for a reason, showing you that you have the courage to begin again NOW.


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