My 3 Secret Steps for Surrendering to the Process

2020 was a year and a half for many of us, and for me it was a deeper opportunity to get to know myself in ways that pushed me to the brink. Living in a room with my beloved Jason, in a temporary homeless shelter in the south of the UK, certainly had its challenges!

I navigated the waters of financial upheaval, relationship turmoil, purpose and calling uncertainty and deep held and stuck beliefs about my abilities as a creative spirit in business.

It was Wayne Dyer who coined the phrase 'you will see it when you believe it!' and this is as true right now as it has been for millions of years. You see, as human beings, we are so flipping amazing that we have highly trained ourselves to believe in what is right in front of our eyes. We have become so reliant upon our 5 senses that we live our lives within their limitations.

We have trained ourselves to believe that our good begins in the seen world, and have ignored the most important aspect of how to materialise the life that we truly desire, from within.

It's what goes on behind the scenes that sets the foundations for our experiences.

Living a nomadic life, home hopping and sofa surfing was not my dream for 2020, however that's how it turned out. And in all of the upside down and topsy tervy of walking away from my nearly adult daughter, in the midst our nonfunctioning relationship.

I now can see that one and a bit years on, I have adventured an incredible healing process which had to happen the way that it did. I faced the ancestral programming that I chose to hang onto for 56 years and I looked my beliefs in the eyes and did the work that I had ignored for so, so long.

Has it been easy ..... no

Is it worth it ..... YES

Am I still going .....yes

Would I want it any other way ..... no

Because this is an eternal process.

So often we kid ourselves that once we have done the work our lives will be easy! That's true to a degree however, the work is not a stop start process, its an invitation to say yes and to grow with no limits. It's a calling each time to go beyond and to discover more of who we are and to AWAKEN to our true nature, which ultimately is Prosperity and Love.

Homelessness has bought up so much for me, and right now I am eternally grateful for the deep opportunities that I have been given to clear, heal, and reveal, and I want you to know that however difficult this thing called life may seem, we each have the power and the opportunity to go within and to surrender to the process, no judgement, no guilt, and no shame.

Below are my 3 Secret Steps to Surrendering to the Process that got me through, and continue to get me through homelessness, breaking up with my daughter and beginning again. This process has become my foundation for renewing my idea of prosperity, and since putting this into practice I have drawn to me a new home with more space and our very own kitchen.... phew, a brand new bed, money, a deeper healing with myself and my family, new opportunities for creative projects, new friendships, a deeper sense of self love, more acceptance of myself and Jason, a whole new understanding of my life...this is my gift to you X

3 Step Surrender Process

1. Accept what is and allow what is to BE what is. This is the first and vital step to take in your heart, to just allow this experience to be what it is.

2. Remove all judgement and notice where judgement may slip in and then when you recognise it say over and over.... 'this too is life expressing'(another blog coming for this one!]

3. Remember that the nature of life is change and that this to shall pass. No experience is a stuck experience, and in our experiences there are many many viewpoints that we can take and many possibilities of perceptions....

I honor you for saying yes to your healing journey and doing the being! for what you are called to become.

So much love


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