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So what is New Thought?

You may be wondering...

New Thought as a movement originated as a mind-healing philosophy that is grounded in the teaching of their being One power and that this One power is the creative power that expresses itself as everything as infinite intelligence, everywhere as everything.

New Thought teaches that this One power is the source and substance of creation and that it is seeded and sparked in all of life, it can not run out and it has always been available, as individualised expressions of this One we can use of this power, and to the degree that we use it, we can fully experience our lives as the goodness and greatness of this power.

There are many names that we give this One power - God, Allah, Yahweh, Allah, Creative Infinite, Source, Love, Life, Divinity, Elohim, Adonai, El Roi, El Shaddai, Jehovah, Lord, Light, It, Isness, Ineffible Essence. The naming can be powerful and yet this power is beyond a name.

New Thought is an ancient teaching that more recently has been revealed by metaphysical and mystical teachers in the 1800s, many of whom were women. More recent teachers include Louise Hay and earlier New Thought women include Emma Curtis Hopkins, Nona Brooks, Genevieve Behrend, Sarah Flowers, and Melinda Cramer.

Thought leadership is a development of the New Thought movement and many of our nowadays go to teachers are inspired by New Thought teachings. You probably know of Oprah Winfrey, The Secret, and Iyanla Vanzant, their influence has opened New Thought again into mainstream consciousness which in turn has birthed the coaching industry term Thought Leadership.

New Thought has its origins rooted in ancient mysticism, metaphysics, spirituality, philosophy, and psychology and this is now enveloping the field of quantum science/physics that supports many of the seemingly unexplainable happenings in our Universe.

We are now being opened more greatly to the mysteries of the Universe with space exploration and the James Webb telescope, and what we are being shown is that we are not as separate from each other as we think we are. We are not separate at all. At the smallest measure, everything is intrinsically connected.

This takes the golden rule and stamps it with a golden seal.

Do unto others as you would do to yourself.

Furthermore more quantum is now showing what the mystics have always known, this One thing is unchangeable and seeks to express in form as life as us, and we can expand our awareness of this One power and embody this knowing for our lives and use it for good. The potentiality of this One power as us is infinite.

So what does this mean for our everyday lives?

This means more than we can ever imagine.

  • It means that we each have the potential for greatness, beyond what we may believe about ourselves.

  • This means that we are not defined by circumstance and that the potentiality for self-empowered change exists in every moment.

  • It means that regardless of age, gender, religious identity, or education we are each embraced as One Divine intelligence that seeks to expand through us as vitality, health, prosperity, peace, and love.

  • It means that as we change individually the ripple of this is felt universally and that with practical application of empowered practices including meditation, mindfulness, gratitude, affirmative prayer breathwork, conscious conversation, self love, peacebuilding, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, conscious giving and more, we are opened to expanding our awareness of the Divine magnificence that we are and be.

The potentiality of meditating upon love affects everything both individually and collectively.

We are electromagnetic spirit humanoid beings. We are here on this plant, a family of billions, for a reason and a purpose.

Yes, we each desire embetterment for life. For many, this may look like being the 8 figure one woman entrepreneur, longevity into the 100s, working a 4 hour week, a healthier body and lifestyle, super conscious relationships that are grounded in love, compassion, and joy, an overflow of clients, global off the scale travel adventures, orgasmic love affairs with our love partners and a life of ease and grace, compassionate philanthropy supporting others on the planet to live health-filled and peace-filled lives.

For many life embetterment means the internalisation of spiritual values, deep inner peace, well being, spiritual awareness and awakening to the Divinity within and serving the collective greatly for the upliftment of all.

For each of us, there is a unique combination of how we choose to express ourselves, we are here to live our Big Dreams and this is what makes life so exciting. We are each individualised unique expressions of this Divine Intelligence. We each get to show up and express ourselves in ways that feel greatly aligned with our soul mission.

The power of having a vision that matters to you is immense. The vision is your guiding north star light that pulls your heart into the life that you truly desire. New Thought is a foundational practical life philosophy that provides us with tools for living a centered, loving, self empowered, abundant and health-filled life. This does not stop with the individual as with these empowered teachings comes a deep opportunity to intentionally practice Oneness and to open up to assisting the collective on its upward adventure of unfoldment.

I invite you to go beyond the self created thoughts and identity that you believe about life and open to the Divine idea of you. Be open at the top to explore the many magnificent facets of you that you may not honor or recognise within your heart, as you ask yourself-

What is your New Thought for your life now?

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