You could definitely do lots around lack of sex due to menopause and how it leads to infidelity, low self worth, low self esteem...

Saying goodbye to menstrual cycle.. Loss of childbearing..

​ First of all parents of teenage children... Stressed to the max.. Usually parents are in their 49's at that stage... Then if that doesn't get you down the menopause can be an issue and can impact the sexual relationship which in turn creates affairs when sex isn't happening.. Then there us the addiction of alcohol, drugs, etc also addiction to Internet chat rooms, sexting, porn, sex games with other couples online.....

#MAMMAPOWER is a 30 day, four-step training experience, guided personally by me, that is set to lift you to owning the leader that you are from within. I want you to know right now that you are NOT the labels that you have given yourself and that you CAN make dynamic changes for your life right NOW.  You have TWO powerful tools right where you are, your MIND and your HEART and I am here to teach you how to use them to transform your life.

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