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This time last year...

I was living in sheltered homeless accommodation, a tiny studio with my beloved Jason, with our 8 bags of possessions. Determined to create a better reality for myself pronto! I devoted myself to spiritual practice and to visioning, intention setting, and creating goals, and within 6 months... by January 2021, through a series of totally illogical and miraculous events, we relocated to an amazing studio home right on the beach.


Creating this 4 part workshop series is my heartfelt intention to share with you the methods that me and Jason used to shift us into a brand new reality. Because I KNOW the power of intention and attention I am so called to share my process with you now.

2022 will be whatever you decide it's going to be, clarity and choice are a decision and I am inviting you to co-create your new now, using the most powerful resource that you have at your disposal....  




Get ready for 2022 Dreams Come True!


4 Week - Live Online Workshop Series with Laura

Workshop Dates:


20 th January, 27th January, 3rd February, 10th February 2022


7.30 - 9.15 pm UK time 


With 7 weeks to go, there is an incredible opportunity to GET INTENTIONAL and get down to business to ...


Acknowledge 2021

Catch the 2022 Vision

Set Intention

Get Specific

Create a GOALS Momentum

Design a Five and One Year,

Dream Template


Set a deeper intention and a full on commitment to your soul calling



Truth is that even with the greatest desire and intention to do this, we can often get stuck in a loop, and leave it till the last minute,


ie. February or March of next year !!!!!!


This might be ok for some,


however the impact of fully preparing now, to open up to the greatest vision for your life for 2022 and beyond, is immense.




2022 Dreams Come True WorkShop Series

A direct opportunity for doing exactly this.

2022 Dreams Come True 


Preparation is Everything,  especially when it comes to working with Source!


Meeting each week on zoom Thursday evenings 7.30 - 9 pm -UK



At the end of the 3 Week Work Shop you will.....


Week 1 The Big Vision - acknowledging your greatest vision and mapping out your 5 year dream. We will participate in a deep visioning process and allow yourself to relax into the greatest idea for your life now. Then bring this into a ONE Year Dream Map and breaking it down and rewinding this into bite size pieces where you can take inspired monthly, weekly and daily action living INTO the Dream. 


Week 2- De mystify Beliefs - here we open up again to the limitless intelligence that is already here and wipe away any belief patterns that are not aligned with your highest idea and vision. Living into your Dreams is a calling to grow and expand, this workshop focuses upon clearing the way, creating space and allowing the new to pop into your experience.


Week 3 Crystal Clear Clarity on your Vision, Mision, Purpose and Values - Vision Boarding - Here we get creative and have fun, bringing your dream to life and creating a visual that acts as a reminder to spark you into taking those
actions and moving in the right direction into your Dream.


And there is more ...


I know how it can be, even when we set intentions, get clear and do the groundwork, there is still that small voice that is always tempting us to stay under the duvet.


I know that you want to receive more abundance and flow and to be open to living from your personal values.

As a participant in the 4 Part  Dreams Come True workshop series, you are invited to

to reaffirm your intentions and get on with the task in hand!


Book Your Self Onto the 4 part Workshop

Get clear and set your dynamic intentions for 2022


and Get YOUR Act Together to work with Source, to bring your long awaited wildest dreams into your world.


What are you waiting for?

Book Your Self Onto the 4 part  Workshop

Thursdays 20 th January, 27th January, 3rd February, 10th February 2022


7.30 - 9.15 pm UK time 



One Participant £99 / approx $133

Two Participants £150 / approx $202

Price includes all 4 workshops 

Your zoom link will be sent out to you 24 hours prior to the first workshop.

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Hilary Nixon

Laura is a beautiful soul. She exudes authenticity, light, joy, and wisdom. There is a sincerity and truth about Laura which is very clear and undeniable. From our first meeting, I trusted her with my deepest heart.


I have been a fan of Louise Hay for over 30 years. When I found out Laura was a healing coach for the Hay method I was on board immediately.


The service she offered has no quantifiable value, it is priceless. She took me through an exercise that was immediately transformative.


An aspect I truly appreciated in offering the exercises was that she did so freely, with unhindered guidance.


She had no attachment to the outcome and no agenda for creating a “dependency cycle” in a client/practitioner relationship. Her focus was to help me move forward in the moment as a guide on the path, my life has been forever changed for the better.


The patterns she helped me shift I have been trying to “offload“ for decades, the facility of the exercise, and the understanding she brought forth through her interpretation of my process created a complete picture, which healed an aspect of my consciousness on many levels.


Due to Laura’s integrity and authentic representation of unconditional love, I will always return for guidance as needed. I hope you, the reader are blessed with Laura as I have been.

Join the Next Dreams Come True 2022 Experience


20 th January, 27th January, 3rd February, 10th February 2022


7.30 - 9.15 pm UK time 


It's Happening AGAIN - Join the Party