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 women empowering women
around the world

network  Connect thrive

Network Connect Thrive

Embody divine feminine liberation 

take a Quantum Leap

celebrate midlife transformation 

 lead with immense love

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Welcome to the Women of Power Alliance

Your Sacred Space

Network Connect Evolve 

Creating space for global connection, networking and CONSCIOUS collaboration


Supporting women entrepreneurs on the journey of intuitive self love mastery, during menopause and midlife.  


Inspiring those identified as women to positively open to the power of menopause for evolved leadership.


Integrating and embodying sacred ancient and quantum practices that embrace the union of divine feminine and masculine, as the foundational underpinning for conscious leadership, engaged communication, empowered relationships, sexual prowess, prosperity, vibrant health, vitality and supercharged well being.












With currently [2022] 657 million identified as women globally aged 45-59.

Around 50% of these women contribute to the workplace.

The average age of menopause is 51 years.


252 million entrepreneurs out of approximately 582 million in the world are women.


That's 41.5% of all entrepreneurs globally.


The average age of female entrepreneurship is 44, just prior to menopause.

In the US, 83% of working women  desire their own business and 55% work on their side hustle and doing the daily 'third shift' coming home from a full-time JOB! 


Women are running the show

We have a bold vision for our lives.

And many are feeling burnt out exhausted! 




Maybe you can relate to some or many of these any of these?

continual tiredness

time deficiency

feeling incomplete

struggling with social comparison

feeling isolated and lonely

fear of getting it 'wrong'

old stuck guilt 

on the brink of never enough finance

overloaded business choices

low libido

whole body image crash

identity shift confusion

empty nest emptiness 

compassion fatigue

struggling to feel successful

lacking confidence

overwhelmed with 'doing'

round in circles procrastination

fed up with continually reinventing your business and brand

& spinning way too many plates!


this is all about to change


and YOU are the one to take charge


Open and lift to the frequency of IMMENSE LOVE 

revitalise vitality

know that you are so much more than enough

ditch FOMO and embody YOU

get a grip on social media choices

embrace connection with yourself and others

live by 'failing forwards'

heal into FREEDOM

align with financial flow

get organised to monetise

renew sexual arousal

love your beautiful body right now

awaken to a new Identity

embody daily spiritual practice

fill your own nest

redefine success

feel complete

replace doing with BEING

LOVE Midlife

Fall back in love with your business




Get ready for the Ride

Because You have an incredible Vision and a Mission to complete and ...

You Are on the Verge of a Whole New Beginning

It is time to declare midlife and menopause as the new paradigm of intuitive wisdom and decision making, for the most powerful unfolding of your live, business and humanity itself.

Awaken and arouse the passion within


Be the Leader you are here to BE


Connect, Commune and join together as One


You are not Alone....

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join the immense love
women of power alliance

network and connect in a whole new way

go beyond imagining a new paradigm of women's leadership...



One where connection, collaboration and the sacred and divine feminine is consciously expressed creatively and freely.


 Where conscious leaders globally embrace and embody the natural spiritual laws as the chosen way of operating in the world.


One where the feminine and masculine harmonise and unfold for  interconnection, and where conscious collaboration is key to connection and community coherence.

Where IMMENSE LOVE and Midlife are the foundations for leadership, business, relationships, wealth creation and well being.

One one where Women of Power go beyond the desire to transform their own lives and set a legacy intention in place for humanities and planetary transformation.


Network Connect Thrive

women of power alliance

Network Connect Thrive

doors open Now

we begin thursday 1st September 2022

Ready to Uplevel Your Worth?
I have created the 
Women of Power Womanifesto
&30 minute Guided 'I Am SafeSongHealer Meditation  

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