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Women of Power 
Divine CEO
12 month eruption
one to one mentoring with Laura

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 The Women of Power
Divine CEO Eruption Program

ONE Year
One to One Exclusive Mentoring

with Laura
is intentionally designed to support midlife fem Soulpreneurs, who are expansion foc
used and ready to go deep to fulfilling and freedom lifestyle they
dream of living, and know is possible.  

NOW is the time to successfully empower yourself and activate your

one woman heart centred business.

You have what it takes to breakthrough fear. 

YOU are the solution you've been seeking all this time.

It takes courage, commitment and conviction to follow your heart, unlearn what no longer serves and set yourself free from the story that the 1% know is just a story.

This is your adventure of transformation from idea to impact, you are held, empowered and set to transform your life and business.

Why NOW ?

Change is inevitable, and when it comes in big chunks it opens the door widely for transformational new beginnings. Teens moving out, relationships shifting, partnerships ending, career in transition, parents aging and life happening, each have the ability to awaken the dreams that have lay dormant for years.

Realising that this is your Now or Never time, to honour your heart's calling and listen to that still small voice that is getting louder day by day. Yes now is the time to live your dream life and business and create life on your terms, in your way.

You have come SO far and you know that you have immense wisdom, knowledge and insight to share with humanity. You also know that it takes another to see what it is you may be overlooking and possibly ignoring, on the adventure of successfully birthing your heart centred, spiritual business.

 ready to be gain clarity on your purpose, message, high value offerings

and passionately embody your spiritual, heartlead, mission based coaching business?


You crave connection and are yearning for your work to be reached and loved by many. Weather you are nurturing a movement or working closely with individuals on a one to one basis, you know that you have gold dust to sprinkle and that your clients are seeking you now and are desperately wondering where you are hiding.

Its time to come out of the shadows.

There is only NOW, do it with LOVE for YOU.

Create time for a connection call with Laura to explore more about

private bespoke mentoring with Laura 

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do less be more keep it simple 
impact greatly 

What I know to be true

There is One and this One expresses itself in, as and through everything.

There is only NOW, LOVE is the way.

The whole of LOVE is present in each and every now moment.

Life is good.

As we turn to this goodness, goodness comes rushing towards us.

It is done unto us as we believe.

Personal responsibility is personal freedom.

Freedom is the ultimate goal for all humanity.

Demonstration happens with fullness of embodiment of the One.

Expansion and growth expresses to the degree that we consciously cooperate with the whole.

Life is a spiritual system, and we as spiritualhumanoides are here to adventure the fullness of this expression as our lived experience for our businesses, relationships, health, actions and work in the world.

You are your business, and your business is a mirror and way for immense growth and enlightenment.

There is nowhere to run and hide ... I have tried many times.

Self Love is the key to knowing wholeness, there is nothing to fix, you are perfect, whole and complete NOW.

There are no obstacles on the pathway of Truth.

You are the answer, the soulution and the Light...

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She said...

''When I think of Laura I see talent, relentless energy, intellect and kindness.
Her skill at putting people at ease, assess their situation and then guide and support is her skill.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Laura on her new program for the past year and am now reaping the benifits in my soul as well as my business.

I can highly recommend Laura not just cos she’s my sister but as a truly talented woman in her own right.''




Establishing the awareness and opening of the throat chakra to amplify your voice, speak your word and communicate your calling are necessary for the fulness of creative authentic expression.

Expanding the heart chakra and embodying LOVE as your way of beingness is imperative for full  embodiment of love, passion and desire

of self and humanity.



Energising the creative juices that are yearning to be activated and to flow through you by dissolving agreements, contracts and unsupportive ties that no longer serve the new emerging paradigm of you.

Liberate the Woman of Power Within 
The SIX Woman of Power Success Portals

Embodying the experience with the numinous intelligence, intuition and grace that are constantly guiding and 


divine wealth empowerment

Money Magnetix
limiting belief eruption
Divine Wealth self mastery
Lioness Leadership Covenant

healing energetics 

self love alignment
mother daughter mother stuff
I MATTER belief breakthrough
intimacy - INTO ME I SEE


physical embodiment

midlife re imaging
money healing
womb love
body acceptance
vital living


SPIRITUAL  empowerment

Know Thyself
Divine Assignment
Spiritual connection
Intuation and guidance
Law of attraction 

Visibility Va Va Voom

Speaker Shaman
Conscious communication
Mic and message ready
Mystical marketing
Lioness leadership

business blueprint


Divine Masculine Strategy



Boundry Bravery
Sacred Strategy

Women of Power

Divine CEO

12 month exclusive One to One mentoring

with Laura

Liberate the Woman of Power Within

How it Works... 

One year Immersion Mentoring with Laura as your guide.

exclusive one to one 

mentoring with Laura

3 day wisdom retreats

stuck to shero accountability

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MIRACLE CALL with  Laura

Your FREE confidential 45 minute call ... 

Review where you are and where you really want to be.

Clarify your divine service offering.

Identify the next vital ONE step for your life and business.

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divine ceo 



  • cookie cutter

  • swipe files

  • complex funnels

  • FB ad driven

  • copy and paste cheat sheets

  • another get rich quick program

divine ceo


  • an organic signature programme that aligns and flexibly flowswith your personality.

  • spiritually grounded with practical aplication. 

  • nurturing, healing, empowering, expansive.

  • opportunity to breakfree of limitations and express your nusiness in YOUR way.

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Divine CEO 12 month

one to one exclusive bespoke mentoring with Laura

Divine CEO one to one bespoke exclusive mentoring with Laura.

  • Twelve month One to One Divine CEO mentoring immersion includes:

  • 3 x three day immersion retreats 

  • 9 x monthly One day deep dives 

  •  investment $200,000

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MIRACLE CALL with  Laura

Your FREE confidential 45 minute call ... 

Review where you are and where you really want to be.

Clarify your divine service offering.

Identify the next vital ONE step for your life and business.

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Women of Power 
Divine CEO
12 month eruption

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