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Awake On Purpose Inner Circle 


Activate Your Conscious Business

For Awakened Visionaries - BIG BELIEVERS - unshakable Light Leaders


Are You Ready to Choose Change?

Welcome - I am Laura

I am a metaphysical mentor and consciousness teacher and guide, specialising in assisting women in their adventure of bringing their GREATEST dreams to reality.

The Awake Now Inner Circle is a 12 month mentoring and networking MASTERMIND, that I have created as a dynamic opportunity for community, networking, creative inspiration, and deep inner transformation. Here you will be supported to unleash your empowered vision, and set free your spark of desire to transform humanity with your conscious, spiritlead business.

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This sacred community offers space for your dynamic spiritual expansion and evolution. 


As a hi-creative the way of business is not always so straightforward.


You know that you are here to heal, lead and transform many lives, and yet the organisational side of this venturing can often leave you feeling uncertain and insecure.



How to magnetise people to you?

How to serve from the light of prosperity?

What price do you put on your offerings?

Where do you have to show up to be found?

Where Do You Begin ?????


As a leading light of love you have ventured many layers to land here, and here you will discover your true sovereign brilliance as you invest in the one and only thing that ever really matters .... your management of the frequency and vibration that sparks your acceptance of prosperity, abundance and glowing vitality.

As you say yes to the deep calling that pulls you on, you are saying yes to showing up as the dynamic beacon of light for those seeking you now.


This is your moment ... this is your gateway ...this is your destination.

Inner Beingness

LAW OF ATTRACTION #MAMMAPOWER Holistic Fitness Wellbeing Workout Chants meditate.relax.wal

Alignment Self Mastery

LAW OF ATTRACTION #MAMMAPOWER Holistic Fitness Wellbeing Workout Chants meditate.relax.wal

Deep Dive Healing

LAW OF ATTRACTION #MAMMAPOWER Holistic Fitness Wellbeing Workout Chants meditate.relax.wal

Money Heart & MindSet

LAW OF ATTRACTION #MAMMAPOWER Holistic Fitness Wellbeing Workout Chants meditate.relax.wal

Your Spiritual Practice

LAW OF ATTRACTION #MAMMAPOWER Holistic Fitness Wellbeing Workout Chants meditate.relax.wal

Mystical Laws of Success

LAW OF ATTRACTION #MAMMAPOWER Holistic Fitness Wellbeing Workout Chants meditate.relax.wal

The Power of Intention

Outer Doingness

Permission to Shine


Social Media Strategy


Metaphysical Marketing


Clarity on Your Soul Calling


Confidence and Radiance


Organise to Monetise


​How much longer are you willing to wait!?

The Inner Circle Mastermind 

Your Passcode to FREEDOM


12 MONTH ACCESS - Be a part of this transformational community.

I have intentionally created this empowered community as a safe and nurturing space for those called and committed to transforming their lives for the LONGTERM.

With LIVE weekly MASTERCLASSES, you will be supported and held accountable as you are guided by me, through the monthly topics.

One year is recommended for you to embrace the fulness of this dynamic group Mentoring program.

You can cancel at any time, full discretion. 

So much more than a social media uplift!
The Inner Circle is a dedicated learning MASTERMIND COMMUNITY devoted to your expansion.
This is a safe space where you are heard, acknowledged, and inspired to focus upon defining your purpose and gain crystal clear clarity on your mandate and mission for this time. This is your validated space for growing you from daydreaming to living your dream.

Your dreams deserve to be honored, and all too often the everyday noise squashes what wants to burst through.

Why an Inner Circle?
The  Sacred Inner CIRCLE Community is a community space with a difference, this group is based upon REALTIME direct experience.  I know what it feels like to be alone and uncertain, running round in circles in my mind, dotting from one thing to another without a real sense of grounded certainty. Fir years I ping ponged backwards and forwards, trying this and doing that, and it was when I surrendered to the idea that 'I was all alone' that my whole outlook on my business changed. Saying YES to being in community, offered me that incredible opportunity to see myself, and to uplevel to my highest idea of me.

The Awake On Purpose Mastermind is this space and place, where together we join weekly with a power packed intention and agenda to learn, share, and grow, whilst guided by the monthly theme archetype.  

I am here to remind you of the #POWER MAMMA that you are...

Now more than ever, we are being called to remember who we are and how to access our inner hearts' desires.
As mothers, daughters, carers, healers, teachers, lovers, and light shiners, there is a tendency that we turn towards which sais..' you can't have, be, do it all,' you must struggle to live the life of your dreams.'  ...this is a lie, one that we all, at some point have chosen to believe, and one that we have the option of ditching. This is why you are here now, you are ready to dissolve the beliefs that no longer support, and to tap right into your very own #MAMMAPOWER.   

You have a calling in your heart to uplift humanity now, and it can not be denied.

This 12 month inner circle mastermind takes you from

uncertainty to total confidence and clarity in your vision
not having a handle on social media to rocking it virtually with a social media strategy
feeling alone and unconnected to having a strong network of support in community
a limited set point for money and prosperity to expanding your awareness of the wealth that is here for you now
no or little spiritual practice to a clearly defined daily spiritual routine
unhealed relationships to a fuller acceptance of self and others
reliance on physical marketing practices to a whole new world of practicing metaphysical marketing
no accountability to regular weekly group accountability


So what actually happens during the 12 month inner circle?  

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Weekly Group Calls

with Laura

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Very Private FaceBook Group

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Weekly Meditation Call

with Laura

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Twice Yearly Deep Dive Healing Retreats/1 day

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Guest Speaker appearences


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Option for 1:1 mentoring


Awake On Purpose

Awake On Purpose- Inner Circle Includes...

  • Weekly 75 minute, ONLINE group masterclass with Laura

  • Community & networking

  • Study sessions using the spiritual and metaphysical books that have illuminated my life

  • FREE entry to the two Divine Radicance 1 Day online Awake Now deep healing retreats

  • Live expert guest appearances


  • Weekly growth work and accountability

  • Optional upgrade to include 1:1 mentoring with Laura

  • Private Face Book Group with Laura's Daily LIVE message


And there's more!