WOW Academy

Are you ready to become the truly Inspirational Leader that you are called to be ?

For Women ready to Clear the Limiting Blocks to Radiate Confidence, Clarity and Visibility as you cocreate your Heart Centered Business and Life. Leading with Love

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The Woman of Wisdom


This 12 Month experience offers space for your dynamic healing, spiritual expansion and . 

Your dynamic opportunity for deep healing and inner transformation.

Here you will be supported as you unleash your empowered business and life vision, to transform you and humanity with your 

conscious, love lead business.



$333 a month

  • MONTHLY - 3 hour theme lead masterclass

  • WEEKLY - ONLINE 75 minute group

        Q and A call with Laura ON ZOOM

  • DAILY - 20 minute live inspirational top up calls ON ZOOM


  • 3 MONTHLY Vision Board Weekend


This is a subscription product billed on a quarterly basis until you cancel. Cancel anytime from the account management page.

$3800 a year saving$196

  • MONTHLY - 3 hour theme lead masterclass

  • WEEKLY - ONLINE 75 minute group

      Q and A call with Laura ON ZOOM

  • DAILY - 20 minute live inspirational top up calls ON ZOOM


  • 3 MONTHLY Vision Board Weekend



This is a subscription product billed on a yearly basis until you cancel. Cancel anytime from the account management page


This is your NOW OR NEVER moment 


This is your gateway to alchemising your life and the lives of those who are seeking you now.

Let's Begin Together...

How It Works

The WOW Academy is a 12 month deep healing and personal growth experience for women who are ready to step more fully into leadership, bring their heart lead business to life and live the life of their dreams.

  • The Academy is a 12 month journey.

  • Each month is devoted to a specific foundational theme / 

  • The monthly online masterclass sets forth the theme and exposes you to the growth work

  • The weekly live calls are your opportunity to Q&A with Laura 

  • The daily 20 minute live calls inspire you with Laura's powerful affirmative message of the day 

  • You can join at any time and stay for as long as you feel necessary, one year completes the cycle.

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Laura allows you to guide yourself into a new realm. Her calm demeanor hypnotizes you. Her energetic hair and smooth voice covers a wide range of energy from which to draw on.

Everyone needs a Laura in their life. 

Julie Nord


Laura is an open hearted coach and new thought leader. Because of her own intensive self mastery journey she is able to provide wonderful support for others on their journey. Laura is a wonderful listener, and has a fabulous toolbox of tools to share. She certainly helped me to have a shift in Consciousness for the better.

Thank you Laura 

Debbie Clememt Large


Lovely Laura what was so relevant and important for 40 years now feels like water off a ducks back. Its incredible.  There are great changes going on all around me daily, which I am totally embracing.

Thank you with all my heart. 

Mandy R

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Laura is a warm, loving business coach that helps budding spiritual entrepreneurs set up and execute their business. Her hands-on approach works well in groups settings as well as one-on-one. I highly recommend Laura if you are looking to define your business calling using sound spiritual principles.

Sandy Dell RScP


Laura, thank you so much for your time and love and support and wisdom! I can't quite believe how much better I'm feeling now. I feel like I've got my life back; my control back. I was so overwhelmed with all my recent difficulties and challenges, and I felt lost and like I was spiraling down out of control. You helped me find true me again; reconnect with my strength and love and trust in myself. I can't thank you enough. Well, I can. :-) I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now and always. ''

Kateriina 2019

Katariina J


Laura is a beautiful soul. She exudes authenticity, light, joy, and wisdom. There is a sincerity and truth about Laura which is very clear and undeniable. From our first meeting, I trusted her with my deepest heart.


I have been a fan of Louise Hay for over 30 years. When I found out Laura was a healing coach for the Hay method I was on board immediately.


The service she offered has no quantifiable value, it is priceless. She took me through an exercise that was immediately transformative.


An aspect I truly appreciated in offering the exercises was that she did so freely, with unhindered guidance.


She had no attachment to the outcome and no agenda for creating a “dependency cycle” in a client/practitioner relationship. Her focus was to help me move forward in the moment as a guide on the path, my life has been forever changed for the better.


The patterns she helped me shift I have been trying to “offload“ for decades, the facility of the exercise, and the understanding she brought forth through her interpretation of my process created a complete picture, which healed an aspect of my consciousness on many levels.


Due to Laura’s integrity and authentic representation of unconditional love, I will always return for guidance as needed. I hope you, the reader are blessed with Laura as I have been.

Hilary Nixon

How long is the Alchermy Academy membership adventure?

This is a 12 month ongoing Community programme, you can join/exit at any point.

I am new to Spirituality, is this for me right now?

The Alchemy Academy is perfect for you as a beginner to Spirituality. You being here right now confirms that you are ready to learn, to grow and to enjoy the process of understanding the Alchemic Spiritual Laws for Success and how to use them.

I am a Spiritual Diva and only expect the best, should I join?

YES. the Alchemy Academy is perfect for you if you have a grasp of your Soul Purpose and are ready to illuminate your hearts desires and go to the next level.

Will the Academy MEMBERSHIP price remain fixed?

YES. the price remains fixed for you for the year, from the time that you begin membership.

What day and time is the live Academy call?

  • The monthly online Masterclass takes place on the first Saturday of each month
  • The weekly LIVE Q & A calls occur each Thursday at 7.30 pm UK time for 75 minutes hours
  • The DAILY affirmative inspirations happen every week day at 3 pm UK

Can I cancel my membership at any point?

Yes, you are able to cancel at any point, please cancel 14 days prior to your next upcoming recurring payment. No refunds given.