Ready to Uplevel Self Worth & Divine Wealth, and Transform Children's Live's too?

Welcome to this Exciting  Community of Extraordinary Women on a Mission to Live Fully and Access Divine Wealth.



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Enough is Enough 

Its Time to STAND UP and lead your life.

Join this POWERFUL and nurturing community of #TOPMAMMA visionaries,grounded in connection and acceptance, and committed to be the change for their lives and for others. 

#TOPMAMMA is a heart centered, power community, for women to learn, evolve and empower themselves to self acceptance, relationship healing, loving money and Living from Divine Wealth.

I know that you are ready to transform your life and to be the catalyst of change for the lives of others too.



The main focus and intention of this #TOPMAMMA community is ...

  • for you to connect, network, and meet other heart centered, creative women who have a calling to share their passion with life.

  • to deepen your education, evolve, embrace, and use, the major Spiritual & Metaphysical Laws of Prosperity and Abundance.

  • to open to the prosperity wisdom teachings of many of the great Wisdom teachers and New Thought leaders, including  Emma Curtis Hopkins, Ernest Holmes, Edwene Gaines, and Catherine Ponder.

  • to be a part of something greater, as together we create a foundation to educate and empower children to loving themselves, embracing kindness and embodying peace for themselves with the Omm Foundation.

Included in this community membership ... 

  • A WEEKLY 75 minute, live group zoom call with Laura, for your personal growth, focused on Laura's Believe to Recieve Programmewith Q & A.

  • Monthly growth work assignments, for your accountability, moving you towards loving money and living in Divine Wealth

  • Live guest appearances, expert in their field

  • Community connection and sharing

  • VIP discounts on workshops and events

Your Membership

  • Supports children with educational, self development tools for teachers, parents, and carers, to use in their teaching programmes.

  • Empowers children to believe in themselves, to use spiritual princilpes for acceptance and kindness, to embrace meditation for anxiety reduction and inner peace. 

As a mother, I know the emotional and mental health challenges that children and young people face, and how this can ripple into family life. My heart's calling and devotion to creating #TOPMAMMA as a social enterprise business that provides free personal development tools to schools around the world, is my daily inspiration for STANDING UP and setting this Vision into motion. 

As a #TOPMAMMA TRIBE MEMBER, you will be consciously contributing financially to the sustainable expansion of THE OMM FOUNDATION, as 30 % of the group's revenue is used to produce and distribute physical products to kindergarten nurseries, schools, and educational facilities, all focused upon empowering children to use meditation, positive affirmations, creativity, and visualization, to practicing My World is Amazing, Self Belief & Kindness. 



Community is Where It's At

Together we connect and join hearts to be present for each other, and to show up as love, support, power and knowing, all whilst empowering CHILDREN to love themselves fully... 

Learning to live in the fulness of faith and trust is the key to being open to receiving.

In the past 2 years, since October 2019, I have been tested and challenged to the degree where I have come to accept that reality truly is a perception and that complete surrender is the way to knowing prosperity and that money simply is the meaning that we give it.  I have realised many things and what I know is that the more willing I am to give up my idea of the meaning of MONEY the more purpose I become. 

My intention is to hold space for this community to connect, grow, and to learn.

Joining together in DEEP connection at a spiritual level to learn, grow, affirm, and evolve is a powerful process and one that I love. This is my purpose for creating #TOPMAMMA and I welcome you to join, to be present and to unfold the knowing of yourself as a financially prosperous woman of power.


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