Both the Full and New Moon hold adventurous invitations to reflect, move forwards and potentialize. These moon phases hold ancient mystical opportunity for spiritual growth, expansion and clarity, along with the powerful possibility of using our intuitive nature for intense intention setting.

Laura of Attraction

#MAMMAPOWER Monthly Moon

Manifesting MOVEMENT

Community Connection Creation

Together we work through the 12 Principles of  #MAMMAPOWER MANIFESTING

#MAMMAPOWER Monthly Moon Manifesting Circles

offer a dynamic opportunity for YOU to set your intentions and to experience them coming into expression, from the invisible into the visable.

This Circle is for women devoted to living the fullest expression of their dreams and desires. 

2021 Circles meets ONCE monthly on the FULL and you receive a LIVESTREAM VIDEO on the NEW Moon ...

Full moon (Supermoon)  Wednesday 26 May 2021       12:14:51225,959 miles

New moon10 June 2021             11:54:05250,735 miles

Full moon24 June 2021              19:40:14228,003 miles

New moon10 July 2021              02:17:43247,051 miles

Full moon24 July 2021                03:37:27231,943 miles

New moon8 August 2021           14:50:46241,780 miles

Full moon22 August 2021          13:02:15237,230 miles

New moon7 September 2021     01:52:01236,031 miles

Full moon21 September 2021    00:54:44243,024 miles

New moon6 October 2021         12:05:44230,883 miles

Full moon20 October 2021        15:57:41248,172 miles

New moon4 November 2021      21:15:26227,240 miles

Full moon19 November 2021     08:59:41251,391 miles

New moon4 December 2021     07:44:30225,757 miles

Full moon19 December 2021     04:37:58251,726 miles

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