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Invite laura to speak

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women of power

Menopause unleashed

Leadership Presentations & Day Retreats

For Consciously Aware Collectives


Is your community ready to QUANTUM LEAP into the new emerging paradigm of CONSCIOUS menopause awareness?


Conscious Organisations

Leadership Events

Team Unifying 

Women's / Men's Circles

Collage Students

Conscious Retail Management Teams

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Understanding menopause form a physiological perspective is one thing, and yet there is so much to become aware of. The psychological, spiritual, cultural, gender, mental and emotional aspects are so often overlooked and misunderstood by society as a whole.

When Laura steps into your space, you will be guided by her knowing, to unraveling the richness of diversity of this awakening phase for those identified as women. 


Laura's DYNAMIC message and song! inspires you to take action as an organisation to align with this awakening adventure and to empower menopause as a tremendous opportunity for unraveling through storytelling, and connecting so much more deeply to the power of love and the calling of the divine feminine.  




For small study groups and togetherness circles, set to engage and share together breaking down and micro studying the Women of Power Day Retreat in an online interactive setting. This 5 hour experience is perfect for teams ready to expand awareness of menopause and the power of quantum physics to open your organisations heart to IMMENSE love for empowered vitality as the LEADING consciousness of your organisation.


For teams and larger groups, this 2 hour experience allows for a collective embracing of the meaning of menopause. Laura shares her signature

Women of Power presentation offering transformational shift in outlook for menstruation,menopause, midlife and life purpose.

Perfect for collage students,whole departments,women's collective.

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