Laura's determination to persist with what she believes in, through life challenges is an example to women globally. Laura knows that with every fall, the getting up, and STANDING UP is what counts, and whilst challenges are always a part of the adventure, heart and mindset are the key to living the life of our dreams. 

Laura's personal spiritual awakening whilst walking a labyrinth in 2012 instantly transformed her understanding of reality and life. This empowers Laura to teach, guide, and educate women to know their own greatness, and to empowering themselves whilst giving themselves permission to create and live their highest vision for their lives. Through on and offline #TOPMAMMA workshops, and retreats, Laura shines her light and holds space for intimate sharing, healing, and transformation. In Laura's presence, people are safe to fully express themselves and to tap into their creative consciousness, to discover their highest self through the mystical journey of life.


Laura holds a Masters Degree in Exercise and Health Behaviour and is a Licenced Spiritual Practitioner RScP, and an overly qualified Labyrinth facilitator, Laura continues her adventure of spiritual leadership education with Centres for Spiritual Living Florida Campus, USA.

Laura's vision of educating children to know their greatness is her inspiration for her development of The OMM Foundation.

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