Let Go and Let LOVE Heal the way

Story renewal, grief release, belief transformation,

guilt empowerment, parenting power. 

Enough is Enough.






Loving yourself through the pain of rejection is one thing, when it's your child pushing you away, it's something else. 


I welcome you here to this safe space of love, acceptance, and power.


As a transformational coach and speaker, I guide women who have felt deep pain and sadness of rejection, heartache, and struggle, in relationships with their children. 


I guide and teach self empowerment and self care, self love, using spiritual principles empowering you to picking up the pieces from full on rejection, from the child that you love with all of your might, to STANDING UP in your power and reclaiming your beautiful life

I want you to know that however difficult and desperate you may be feeling right now, YOU CAN regain harmony and take back control. It all begins with ONE decision, to LOVE yourself FIRST, and let the rest take care of itself. I know first hand, what it feels like to be blamed for so much and to have the mother cord abruptly cut, and I have realised the simple truth the long and hard way, that I allowed myself to stay victim to circumstance and I chose to live in my own pity party!  

It was in the midst of a big family blame game that I WOKE UP .... AGAIN! and this time, guided by my inner wisdom, I took action, I walked away ... not into another room ... into another choice.  As I gathered together the pieces of my ...

Laura creates and holds a wonderfully warm and loving space and experience for sharing and I felt a strong sense of her belief in me.  A very precious and gentle experience for me to take forwards in my life.  Thank You Laura


Lovely Laura what was so relevant and important for 40 years now feels like water off a ducks back. Its incredible.  There are great changes going on all around me daily, which I am totally embracing.

Thank you with all my heart.


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